Sexwork Labels

Sexwork and labels

Sexworkers in Australia seem to love their labels and I am not referring to their shopping purchases

Streetwalker, Massage girl, Brothel worker, Backpage girl, High Class Escort, Agency Escort, VIP Private Luxury Companion, International escort, Escort Manager, Insta-Ho, Pimp, PA, Madam are just some of the ways girls categorise themselves or refer to others in the adult industry

Often escorts are judged by other escorts for their personal choices, present or past. Seriously tho – it’s all the same job just different packaging that’s why it’s all given the same official name of ‘sex work’ also known as ‘‘prostitution’

At a party I once heard a private girl say to another private with raised eyebrows;  ‘That girl over there, she is an agency girl and she worked in massage…..’ which is code for ‘she isn’t as good as us’

PR is PR after all & most ‘VIP’ girls will never reveal they were once $100 an hour in the back of the newspaper or that they currently have a locanto profile with different pictures and rates half of their VIP rates

A mate of mine who is a very classy and beautiful ‘elite’ escort and now charges high escort rates – started giving bj’s in cars for £10. True Story!   She would kill me if I mentioned her name but I intend to tease her with this blog (Honey, I know you read my blog haha)

A BJ in a car or a BJ in a $1000 a night suite.  Both are still sexwork, the same thing just in nicer surroundings

An escort’s number of Social Media followers gives “status” – which is funny considering you can buy followers.   Funnier still is that in some cases no twitter may mean a lady is busy working, making bank, loving life and just doesn’t want to waste her free unpaid hours talking about unimportant shit or being dragged in fights with other ladies on the internet for no apparent reason

When did “it’s my body, my choice”  become “it’s my body and if other girls don’t like what I do they can talk down to me and make jokes at my expense”?

A lady makes a personal choice what is best for her; A high class VIP private VIP companion can take down her website and decide brothel is her preference, it’s not a step down it’s a choice that a lady makes for herself that suits her life

You read girls say they found sexwork empowering, I am a person that found sex work empowering. I loved being an escort but that is no longer an option for me in my life so now I am an agent & a damn good one at that (even if I say so myself lol)

In London, where Atlantic was started, rather than retire fully from the escort biz many escorts make the choice to start escort agencies.  Most of the best agencies in the UK are run successfully by women for women. An agency is essentially a central admin for a group of escorts that are usually promoted on an agency website.  

An agency is where most girls start, many girls decide to stay and many do escorts do both agency work as well as independent work.  London and Europe are very agency friendly, most places are, it’s just such a shame I am living in Australia ha

When I moved to Australia from London I kept the name Agency Atlantic and wasn’t aware that being honest about the fact that Atlantic is an Agency was going to cause me so much grief or so much hate

In Australia I get called either Pimp or Madam; with neither being the correct label for my job and both terms I find derogative

If I need a term to call myself I would say agent

Websters Dictionary says an agent is:
4:one who is authorized to act for or in the place of another: such as
a :a representative, emissary, or official of a government crown agent federal agent
b :one engaged in undercover activities (such as espionage) :a secret agent
c :a business representative (as of an athlete or entertainer) a theatrical agent

But I prefer to just be called Sarah.  The person who spends 7 days a week focused on other people’s needs.  My job is part counsellor, organiser of the disorganised but mostly it admin, admin and some more admin.  I enjoy doing the boring stuff that many escorts hate doing; I do the admin and the escorts who choose to work with Atlantic get to do the fun stuff (the travel & the shagging)

People who know me know that I am a bit silly, I laugh a lot, I like analysis, stats and spreadsheets. I do a minimum of 50hrs a week sitting at a desk in my office running Atlantic.  I love my job it’s so dynamic but what I don’t love is the way people who know absolutely nothing about me make assumptions that I am some kind of nasty old pimp. My job uses my escort experience and skills (I have a computer science degree and am a bit of nerd).

Essentially my job is to support escorts and make them money.  As with all services these are chargable and this means they pay an invoice to a pty ltd company and I get a salary + superannuation like any other employee.  How being a managing director of a legal company receiving a modest salary for a job that is essentially admin makes me so low in the SW pyramid I really don’t know

Ladies pay a percentage to an escort agency, same as sports people do to their agent or a an actor or actress does.  Out of the percentage a lady pays the agency we pay all the agency running costs including ads, our website, phone, office, accounting fees and support staff a minimum of 85hr a week

Atlantic is a business not a charity and running a business doesn’t make me scum of the earth as many imply with their “agencies are pimps” rhetoric

I take great pride in it and I know I am a hard worker and I am told by the girls I work with are happy with the work I do for them

I have been in the escort industry since the year 2000 and my years of experience means I am a bit useful and I have quite a lot of escort mates who come to me to ask questions if they need some advice

When first came to Australia I placed an ad for myself as an escort on on private girls and I found it horrible.  I wasn’t used to so many rude services-based SMS and time wasters so I can totally understand why ladies don’t want to handle their own phones

If I was to escort in Australia I would most definitely not be private doing my own calls, I would probably interview with Samantha X Angels

Being a private escort in Australia doesn’t mean a lady is better than other ladies.  It means she is being marketed as a private escort on a private escort website. It doesn’t mean she is independent, it doesn’t mean shit lol

Is a label really that important?  As it’s a self appointed title does it have any value at all?

Advice for Escorts – International Escort Touring Tips

So you want to be an International Escort? 

In the past year there has been a huge flood of Australian Escorts promoting tours to Hong Kong and Singapore as well as places like Dubai and Europe

It all looks so glamourous and amazing!  Regularly Escorts post photos on twitter showing off how great a booked out tour is, how incredibly generous clients are and generally showing off how amazing the International Escort life is.   Ladies considering touring, always remember Twitter is marketing and you can never be 100% sure what is posted is fact or fiction

Rarely do you see girls saying ‘My tour is dead!!! OMG! I can’t afford to pay my hotel’ but trust me it happens!

I regularly have escorts contact me to ask for help while they are on tour so I know for a fact that in some cases Twitter posts are definately fiction

I find it a bit funny when I see new, unknown, unreviewed escorts posting ‘my tour is fully booked now so I won’t be taking any new clients’.  As someone who has organised over 1000 tours I am pretty sure it’s safe to assume this is because the lady isn’t going as she has had no interest and she can’t afford to travel without deposits or potential earnings.

Scarlet Blue touring ads are free to post and I hear from clients that many of the tours listed never eventuate.  Clients I have know for years tell me they have booked ladies off SB who never actually ended up touring and in a few cases deposits were not returned either

I am one of the first online touring International Escorts & Atlantic is one of the First international Escort Tour Agencies.  I have almost 2 decades of experience with my own tours as well as organising tours for other international escorts (mostly with agency atlantic but I also manage some independent escorts tours via Atlantic Management as well)

Here is some of my tips on touring Internationally:

If you can’t afford a holiday, don’t tour internationally

Touring can be a bit of a gamble, it’s expensive and things can and do go wrong

I know ladies who have been rejected from airports & sent back to where they came from. I also know ladies who have been kicked out of their hotels & had to book a new hotel. 2 hotels for 1 week is costly as is losing your entire tour due to an airport issue

There is no magic recipe for success

There is no rhyme or reason behind a tour not being profitable.  It is the same as working at home. Sometimes you have a quiet week.  There is no way to predict if a week is going to be insanely busy or dead quiet

The one thing I have learnt in my many years of international touring is that none of this business is rational or fits any pattern.  Even if you are taking deposits, there is a possibility that every client you book falls sick in the same week or they are all called away on business.  You can have a dud tour, no matter how it looks before you arrive

Have the holiday mind-set

When you tour go with the mindset of ‘this is an amazing experience’ you will enjoy your time away.

If you are touring because you think you will make a fortune, you may be disappointed and miss making some great memories

Your profit margin can swing wildly from one tour to the next

Even if you are established in a city there is no guarantee that your regulars will see you on each & every tour

If you are on a tourist visa, act like a tourist

You may be asked questions at the airport so make sure you have researched so you can answer as a tourist.  It will look suss to immigration if you know nothing about the place you are visiting

Be quiet

Stay out of drama. Drama is the last thing you need when you are touring or if you want to tour in the future, don’t get involved.  You never know who someone is or who they know or if they will f*ck you over. Be nice to everyone always

In hotels be discreet, tip the housekeeping staff and don’t act like a diva.  Be humble and polite. Don’t open your laptop in the lobby or answer client calls in front of staff.  Hotels will ask you to leave if they think you are taking incalls. Incalls are seen as a security risk for the hotel and other hotel patrons

Keep your costs down

Book in advance, as early as possible. Get your duty free allowance on your way as in some cities alcohol is expensive.  Stock up in the supermarket to keep your room service bills to a minimum

Buy your supplies at your destination

If your bag is opened at the airport you don’t want to have a bag full of toys, condoms & latex outfits

Keep your toys to a minimum and if you need more you can buy them at your destination.  Same goes for condoms etc


Uber & Taxi’s can seriously eat into your profit margins, catch the train from the airport (it’s often faster & will be a lot cheaper). For outcalls charge the cost to the client


If you are touring regularly use the same airline so you can gain frequent flyer status and use points and airline deals to lower your costs.  Cheap airlines like Airasia or Scoot are helpful when you start out, sure they are not as comfortable as premium airlines but if i you want to come home with profit, that extra $500 on a flight can make all the difference


Rewards programs are great, a free night here and there lowers your costs and helps your profit

No hotels are escort friendly so rather than book into where you hear other ladies are staying, research hotels and find the best deals.  By reading tripadvisor reviews you can find out which hotels have secured lifts or which have huge discreet lobbies. It’s better to be discreet and undetected than be staying in the same hotel as 25 other escorts

The hotels that are frequented by all the touring escorts do occasionally have police raids so you don’t really want to be there if that happens

As the saying goes – Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst

Use google, learn the laws of the country you are visiting, read the news articles linked on google. If you are prepared for the worst and something crap happens you’ll have a plan to fix the shit situation

You cannot work in a country legally unless you have a work visa.  Most international touring escorts are on a holiday visa and therefore, breaking the law even if escorting is decriminalised in that particular country. If you find yourself in hot water, you need to be prepared and also have money ready for a lawyer.

Many countries will simply deport you, others you may be looking at an arrest and a court date.  If you need to appear in court, it could be weeks or months away and you will need to have living expenses to cover your stay

Touring can be lonely

Touring can be very lonely, even if you are busy with clients all the time.  In your down time make sure you enjoy the city you are in so you have fond memories of a place rather than just seeing the inside of your hotel room

Be organised

Missing a flight or booking the wrong hotel dates can mean you mess a new client around due to a change in dates or timing. Clients hate being messed around so check & double check your reservations. Early morning flights are great but if you sleep in, it can be a nightmare and be the difference between a profitable tour or one where you make a loss

The best regular may choose to not see you in the future if you mess him around with your tour dates or ask to change his time when you are on tour.  Clients are generally busy people with work and family commitments. Mess him around and he may go to someone else who is better organised

Have your policies and stick to them

If you aren’t making money it’s very easy to take some risks but I know from experience, it’s not worth it. If you require ID or references or a deposit, stick to your guns. You know what makes you feel safe and secure and if the client won’t respect your requests you don’t want him as a client anyway. Timewasters and dodgy dudes never care about your policies, legit and decent clients will understand you need to feel safe

Do not expect anyone to help you

It’s a horrible thing to say but it’s a good mindset to have.  Sure some people may help you if something bad happens but others will revel in your bad times.  You may have offers to help but they may have strings attached

Safety should always be a priority over earnings

If you feel unsafe, get out of there!


Mythical Escort Community

The Mythical Escort Community

I rarely look at Twitter these days but when I do there is always someone with a bee in their bonnet and there is always lots of fighting

The escort industry has progressed in many ways but in some ways I feel we are going backwards

Having been in this industry for over 18 years I have seen us progress, we are now out of the shadows and have a voice but are we showing ourselves in the best light?

In 2017 I definately noticed an increase in public nastiness and bullying and its such a shame to see

We say that escorting is empowering yet I doubt many outsiders looking at Twitter would see us as an empowered group, more like a narcissistic group of nasty bitches and whingers

If a lady makes a wrong word choice she could could have 25 strangers attack her online.  It would be great if twitter was a safe space to say your thoughts but it’s not and only the strongest ladies come away unscathed

Being an escort is hard enough without ladies piling shit on each other and I have seen so many girls in tears or suffer panic attacks & anxiety over what is said to them or about them on twitter

Then there is all the nastiness posted about clients… Gents are our business, they spend their hard earned money with our businesses. I see real names & phone numbers posted on twitter without so much of a thought for the gent or the impact it may have on his life.

I personally know a gent that has lost everything due to his information being posted on twitter; his marriage broke up and he lost his job all because he made 1 comment to an escort that she didn’t like

Previously I have posted my thoughts or frustrations on Twitter but it never helped me or my business.   I have offered information,  been shot down or slandered & my words twisted to fit someone’s purpose

Escorts have wanted to argue with me or ridicule me but most just ignore me cause I am an agency (not a person with many years industry experience, just an agency lol).  

Bullying, bitching, and gossiping has always been a part of this industry but it was never so public and it’s getting worse.  On social media ladies are openly attacking each other and trolls can get in on the act as well.  Lies now spread like wildfire and false information can become facts quite quickly. There is 3 sides to every story and often only 1 side is portrayed

The ‘community’ that some escorts mention on twitter and pretend exists, doesn’t exist. There are a few cliques, there are a few girls that everyone sucks up to because you want to get retweets form them but community, is fictional.  It’s a dog eat dog business

In all fairness to the escort industry, I don’t know of an industry where competitors help each other. The reality is that we are all businesses and in some ways we all competing but there is no need for the bullying, can’t we just let everyone do their thing?

If what an escort says doesn’t affect your business then why get involved?  Who cares how another escort portrays herself or her business.  It’s her business what she does, not yours!

Atlantic is a business and whilst I have good relationships with many escort and other agencies, I am not going to share my secrets of success with them

However I will share information privately about safety issues, dangerous clients etc.  I will also recommend them to gents who contact me should I have nobody available and they recommend me the same way.

None of us own any clients, gents go when & where they choose but I know gents do appreciate quality recommendations especially with the huge amount of fakery online these days

All the years I have been in this business I have learnt so many lessons. This business is hard!   As much as I have enjoyed my time as an escort and agency owner I have made a tonne of mistakes and through my choices I have thought ending my life was the only way forward.  Yes it can get that bad

The Escort business is not easy money, it is super tough, bitchy and competitive and anyone that says otherwise is not being honest

Ladies and gents if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to, I believe in confidentiality, I am a good listener and happy to have a chat.  I am saying that as Sarah, a mature woman who has been through a lot, a human being with a heart, I am not just an agency 🙂

Reviews an annoying part of life

I don’t think anybody in business particularly likes reviews.

I didn’t particularly like reviews as an escort, I don’t love them as an agency but the scariest reviews in my life were when I owned a cafe

Random internet people review a $4 coffee in such great detail, people can be so f*cking brutal! There is a review site dedicated to coffee Beanhunter plus tripadvisor, yelp and google reviews just to name a few.

A shitty review of your $4 cappuccino is upsetting; even though you know your cappuccino is awesome and you have a queue of regulars outside your cafe every day of the week, the bad review hurts your feelings. It’s not a nice feeling being judged.

Online there is a review for everything! Every service & business in the world even small inexpensive items are reviewed

The Target $10 essentials 2 Slice Toaster has 11 reviews and is 45% recommended: I am sure if the toaster could talk it would not be happy lol 

I recently bought a Dyson fan, it’s quite average and I am considering writing a review cause f*ck me it cost $750!!!   I feel ripped off. The fan is pretty but its is not what I was lead to believe from the marketing and not what I think it should be for $750!

Escort reviews are a sensitive topic and review sites are regularly slandered on Twitter.

I see ladies happily promote ad sites where reviews are for marketing purpses (fakes and positive only) yet the sites with real reviews cop an infinite amount of crap

Having been an escort for many years I totally understand why escorts don’t like reviews or review sites

What happens at an escort meeting is very personal but it’s also a very expensive paid experience and like all paid services is subjective to reviews

Reading reviews about yourself is very confronting, and particularly distressing if you don’t like what is written. Having your personality, looks, sex techniques and everything else imaginable analysed publicly is tough

Some escorts have fantastic busy escort careers without a single review but I am not sure how I would have done without my reviews on The Erotic Review (TER), Captain69 & Punternet.  Maybe I would have been fine without any but I will never know

Many clients told me it was my positive reviews that helped them decide to meet me.  Review sites got me noticed locally and helped me tour internationally

It takes 2 to tango and even the best reviewed girl may not be the best girl for every gent but a few good reviews lessens the odds that a gent will have a terrible experience

My reviews proved to gents that my photos were real and the information on my website was true, not just marketing drivel

My reviews brought me a lot of really wonderful gents, mostly readers not writers of reviews.  Many weren’t members of the reviews sites but I linked my reviews to my site so they could view them.  It’s a teeny tiny percentage of clients that write reviews and many members of review sites don’t even review

As an escort I found review sites and forums helpful to learn things about the industry and how other top escorts did things. As an agency I find reviews sites helpful to understand what guys are looking for and I use forums and chat rooms to show myself as being an honest, straightforward person and a reputable agent

Having been on these sites for 18 years I agree there is plenty of stupid and sometimes quite degrading shit posted on escort forums but the same goes for all public forums and social media.

Look at Twitter, Facebook or Reddit, the amount of stupid shit posted there is plentiful

Over the years I have had the occasional fake/revenge review posted but mostly reviews are 1 gents experience written from his point of view.

All review sites allow an escort or agency to rebuttal their reviews.  I have found a well penned rebuttal can be great PR and bring in new clients even if the review itself is a bit shite

I have also found that by communicating honestly and respectfully with review sites they have been pretty good in helping me with any problems that have arisen

The current review sites are made by men for men to help men; us girls are not part of the equation.

We can whinge and complain all we like but review sites weren’t created for us, they are made for guys to lessen the possibility of wasting their hard earned money on a bad experience

If I had my own review site it would be different to what currently exists but I don’t own a review site nor can I be arsed to create one so I just deal with what there is

Ladies if you want a review site that is done the way you want it done – create one yourself, problem solved.

Like them or loathe them, reviews are a part of modern life and here to stay

2017 was not the kindest year

2017. What a year you were. I am so happy you are over but you taught me so much and I am starting 2018 in a very different mindset than I started 2017

February 2017 we returned to Sydney, I was sad to be leaving our happy life in Asia but also excited to get Atlantic Australia back on track

On reflection 2017 was a total shitshow, had I known then what I know now I would have talked hubby into staying put. I miss living in Asia so much but after such a painful 2017 moving back now would be defeatist

2017 I learnt lessons, tough ones. The escort industry in Australia has not progressed, it’s meaner, more cliquey, more narcissistic and now it seems everyone’s an expert yet a lot of what I see is the blind leading the blind or girls taking advantage of others

As privates flood Asia with their nastiness and bullshit, Asia has lost its lustre for me as well.

Clients have told me they have booked privates & been told not to book with Atlantic, we take all the girls money & treat girls badly. In Asia one Atlantic escort pays $0, all other ladies touring pay 10-30% & many escorts with Atlantic have worked with us on & off for years. Intelligent woman choose to tour with us so it can’t be so bad…

Privates have facebook groups dedicated to sharing information about gents & tours in Asia. According to a reliable source I get a nasty mention or 2 in particular I get blamed for getting girls busted airports. Yeah I have the airport on speed dial, these girls dates and faces are all over the internet but it’s me (of course lol)   It’s so stupid!

Privates feel its Ok to try to ruin the tours of the Atlantic angels and slander me personally because the ladies choose to outsource their admin to Atlantic & have a fun, safe, well managed, stress free tour…

All businesses outsource so why is it wrong if an escort outsources openly to a business like Atlantic?

Apparently it’s OK to pay 40%+ to a PA or mentor, who pretends to be you but not pay less $$s to a reputable and legal business…. Go figure?

I don’t want to change; I am honest, I am tenacious, I have integrity and I do not intend to change my business model nor take advantage of woman or lie to gents to get ahead here. I do not understand what is so wrong with honesty but in Australia it seems to be a problem

Having a private profile online doesn’t make a lady the top of the SW pyramid. Especially as maybe 10% of private ads are truly independent escorts. It drives me nuts

For these reasons I am quite adamant that 2018 will be my last year as Sarah

I finished high school 27 years ago but it feels like I am back there now with this job, its tiring, it’s upsetting and I just don’t want to do it anymore

When I told my hubby my decision he said but ‘why? you are an expert, you have 18 years experience and you are great at what you do’ I explained to him that in Australia as I am ex-escort I don’t count, here the advice of a current SW with 6 months experience seems to have more merit than my 18 years

It is what it is and I can either be upset by it or let it go

I am going into 2018 with my head held high & focusing on being proud of all I have achieved and all the people I have helped in the past 18 years.

I have mentored many successful escorts and enriched the lives of many people

I have never been greedy, I have always focused on the reputation of my business, the happiness of the girls and gents & being the hardest worker in the room

For many years I have neglected myself & my happiness to ensure other people’s needs are fulfilled which is silly as where are they now?

In 2018 I intend to take better care of myself physically and mentally

In 2018 I intend to focus on what I know I do. Rather than the lies that are spread on social media perpetuating hate for agencies, which I find hard to not take personally

Atlantic is a business that supports escorts. I call it an agency but maybe I could do like others are doing and give it a new fandangled name. But I am too old to care. I know what I do, the girls who choose Atlantic are happy & the gents who choose to book with us are happy so who cares about keyboard warriors

I have loved my job and done my job for many years but that love affair is over. Bitches killed it

2017 on reflection was an awful year and I’m grateful for every sacrifice made and all the sleepless nights as I was repeatedly let down by others

The stress of 2017 financially was mountainous, it was an awful year for staff and business in general.  I dealt with massive piles of crap successfully.  I should be proud of getting through it all & not throwing myself off the gap

Man-up 2018 because I’m going to be brave and do things that challenge me and spend less time doing things for others who in return give me nothing

I’m going to stay positive and kind hearted while I remove those negative peeps with their negative vibes from my life

Australian Escort Marketing

On Twitter yesterday a UK based escort posted an email she had received from a Sydney based private offering escort tours to Australia.  There was mention of it being an agency, but it’s not an agency, it’s just a escort trying to cash in on other escorts

I have said it many times before, an Escort Agency is a legit business.  An Escort Agency should NOT to be confused with a person who sends emails offering girls the chance to work for them or a person who places private ads for other escorts and takes commission or a person who creates fake ads on cracker

An escort agency is a business and when managed correctly is a very helpful service for both escorts and gents alike

Being a business we rely heavily on our reputation and honesty is a cornerstone of our business. Our ladies are what makes us, without our happy ladies we would not be in operation

Our motto is Happy Ladies = Happy Clients = Happy Agency

In the past few years advertising sites such Private Girls and Scarlet Blue have taken over the Australian Escort market; they exclude legitimate businesses such as Atlantic

Unfortunately these “private-only” sites and their marketing have created a divide where agency escorts are frowned upon as are the escorts who choose to work with a legit agency

In Australia there is never ending anti- agency rhetoric, don’t book with agencies as they are rotten and dodgy and take the ladies’ hard-earned money.  For the record, a lady chooses to work with an agency and is aware of the costs involved before she starts and can leave at any time she wishes.

With the private niche in mind, shonky operators no longer create agencies, they create private profiles.  They are rip off merchants but they are NOT an escort agency

A PA may be someone charging 50% commission; a private profile may be managed by a dude working via SMS only with him pretending to be a female escort….These are NOT escort agencies

Private only niche sites aren’t exclusively independent private escorts; it only means you can’t find the girls’ same photos on a website that calls itself an agency as this would ruin the ‘private only’ marketing.

This marketing is important to these sites as it means privates will continue to pay for ads as will all the shady characters – and there are more of those in Australia than there are legit run businesses

In Australia the escort business is now just all smoke & mirrors

I found it amusing when Scarlet Blue announced they will include Agencies when they launch their UK advertising site.  After perpetuating disdain towards agencies and agency escorts in Australia for many years, they will allow agencies to advertise in the UK. Agencies have the market share in the UK so I guess agencies are OK now? It’s not about the money or anything like that…. No course not haha

Of course it’s all about money!  Advertising sites are for making profit. An advertising site is created with advertising dollars in mind, it’s not about gents or escorts, the private only niche is the one that pulls in the most advertising dollars in Australia

Private only sites work well in Australia as historically Australia had some pretty shitty agencies but that’s not the case anymore. It’s hard to keep an agency afloat when there is so much disdain for us and in all honestly some months when we have no girls available, we truly struggle.  We don’t lack clients or calls, we lack escorts who will join us because we are an agency and honest about it

As SB and PG are the top of google some agencies will just have 2 photosets for their escorts so they can take advantage of both agency and private but mostly nobody bothers doing an agency anymore as they are expensive to create and manage & a private profile + twitter is a much cheaper option.

I have heard at interviews the cost of working with these big name escorts who manage other escorts and the PA’s and the madams who use SMS only to pretend to be the private, they charge higher fees to the escorts than we do.  1 escort told me recently she was being charged 40% to have her private profile & twitter managed for her by a madam who pretended to be her

This isn’t fair to ladies who are truly independent private escorts and spend every day working on their escort brand, handling their own calls, emails and marketing

It’s also unfair to all the ladies who don’t wish to handle their own calls and admin and choose to work honestly with an agency

Since Agency Atlantic opened our Sydney Office in 2013 we have maintained our presence as a credible, reputable honest Escort Agency; An agency with real and recent photos, great girls, honest information. Our ladies are involved in their marketing, work whenever they choose to and we say in all ads that we are an agency so callers know they are speaking to a receptionist and not to the lady directly. We are doing the right thing but cop crap for being honest….  Go figure ha

The difference between agency and independent is who does the admin.  That’s all it is.  Private escorts and independent escorts are not the same thing

It’s all just marketing I know but I do sometimes wish I could stop being truthful.  I could probably retire by the end of 2018 if that was the case

Escort Website – A must have for private escorts

Every business these days has a website but many escorts choose to use advertising sites as their main contact. Ads are definitely easier and take less time than having your own website but in the long run it’s a detriment to your escort brand

Many girls are using an advertisement link as their twitter website link which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me

We are all unique BUT when a guy is looking at a website & there is 10 brunettes with similar pics & blurred faces; his little brain (his non-thinking one lol) doesn’t read or follow instructions on ads he just calls and that call may be to someone other you

Some guys will send out an SMS to everyone on the ad site that is their type & see who he likes from SMS chit chat.  SMS chit chat is such a waste of time – unpaid labour

By having your own unique website you attract clients who will see your uniqueness and gents who want to get to know you a better

Your website is saying to clients; I am a professional, this is my career. I am not a fly-by-night lady on a quick money grab; I am a professional escort providing a professional service

You stand out from the sea of escorts ads as a business professional and that’s what we all want, to be taken seriously

Running an escort agency more than meets the eye

Last Tuesday night, I saw on Twitter that an agency was slammed by escorts for tweeting that a girl they had worked with was a thief.   Maybe they shouldn’t haven’t called her a thieving c**t but isn’t the C-word a term that is used for someone who has been rude, disrespectful and stolen money that wasn’t rightfully theirs?

From my experience, I would estimate the agency had done 20+ hours of work to plan, advertise and manage the 2 tours they did for the escort. Additional online advertising for this individual escorts tour would have cost perhaps a few hundred dollars (on top of their normal agency overheads)

An agency works speculatively; I know I spend a lot of time and money on a tour with the expectation of being paid at the end.  It’s very upsetting when you put your time, effort and money into a tour and receive nothing but a ‘F*CK YOU’ in return

An Escorts joins an agency by choice, and costs are explained to her before the agency starts work.  If an escort doesn’t like the payment structure, she doesn’t have to join she can tour as an Independent.  Instead of paying, just as any contractor would, this girl has decided to keep the money for herself.

Due to the twitter slander the agency received they posted ‘Agency = Devil, Thief = Angel’ which summed up what had gone down on twitter

Escort Agency Slander

I have been in this biz for 17 years and have met a lot of escorts, some of whom have gone on to create their own agencies. Also, how can you be sure that an agency owner isn’t still escorting?  Some I know still do so under the radar, I toured with Atlantic for years haha

I totally agree that there are some really shitty agencies.  That said, bad businesses exist in every industry.  It’s not fair to judge every agency the same way and I for one am so sick and tired of being judged for someone else’s shitty behaviour.

A bit of background – I was a contract Analyst/Programmer in the banking sector. I escorted part time whilst doing my day job and in 2002 I started Atlantic.  As a contractor I was paid an hourly rate, the client was charged a higher rate by the company I got my work from… so a similar business model to an escort agency but companies providing computer contractors aren’t slandered for being the devil. They are called a business….

I don’t regret my choice of becoming an escort or becoming Sarah as I have enjoyed both roles.   Every day as Sarah is different, it’s dynamic and never boring. The hours are long and it can be super stressful and sometimes heartbreaking (people can be nasty – see twitter for many examples)

My job is a job and it gets tiresome listening to the same rhetoric from private escorts in Australia that agencies are the devil.  In London (where Atlantic was started) a very high percentage of escorts choose to work with agencies (sometimes the do agency + independent).  Many international touring escorts choose to work with either an agency or a PA service that specialises in touring as we have invaluable experience, information, contacts and the all-important banned clients lists.

Last week I decided I would document my day, to show how much work does go into running an agency and that perhaps this might shift a few people’s perspectives…

Thursday September 21

Today Bec isn’t working so I am the receptionist 10am until 1am.  I am taking calls, replying to SMS, whatsapp and emails also chatting to girls all day on whatsapp about this or that and being kept up to date with their day/availability

I am super tired this morning as I couldn’t get to sleep til about 3am – i need coffee so out I go to get one

I turn on my phone to a stack of WhatsApp messages

I talk to an escort in Paris regarding an upcoming tour that she wishes to do

I talk to a London escort regarding a NYC tour to check the rates she wants and discuss marketing + hotel options with her etc

I message an escort who is touring Dubai to check what rates and dates she has decided to do. I am waiting on her confirmation so I can write the newsletter and have all the tours listed on it

Bec dropped over to give me the agency phone, We have a chat about work stuff

Update girls pages, add girls to available today gallery on Atlantic Sydney & Atlantic International.  Add tweets to Hootsuite

Message each lady and double check she is available as per her schedules.Check if the lady has things on that I need to book around.  See how long they need to get to outcalls today etc

Confirm today’s pre-bookings with clients and add notes to schedules

Read thru an SEO report & run a couple of diagnostic tools – I am a little obsessed about SEO at the moment but excited now I am doing it myself and seeing results. Read a couple of articles and play with an SEO tool. Lose track of time lol


Get in the shower – I got thru a shower without my phone ringing which is always nice 🙂

The worst is when you are dripping wet & cold answering questions, it’s usually just when your teeth start to chatter from the cold, they say ‘thanks for that, I will call you back’  They are the question guys, they want to discuss a booking that will never ever take place.

I don’t discuss sexual services.  An escort gives us a list, we add it to her page, she approves it and we change it if she asks for changes; that’s the extent of my involvement. It’s her body & her choice.  I make arrangements, the nitty gritty is between the escort and the client and none of my business.

Editing and re-writing this blog to make a bit more sense – Writing is so time consuming, I wish I could just blog directly like some ladies do.  My brain is better at analysis than writing.

Ask one of the girls to read my opening paragraph & see if she thinks my blog is dumb or interesting.  I am lucky to work with some ladies who enjoy writing and help me edit my blogs

12 Noon
Check escorts in Asia are awake and available today as per their schedule and check what plans they have that I need to book around and also see if they want additional meetings to their pre-bookings.

I receive a call from a private who wants to apply to us.  We chat for 15mins, damn I am a chatterbox sometimes, note to self; stop that!.  She seems really nice so & I will meet her in October & see if we want to work together

I finally get a reply from the escort I messaged this morning regarding Dubai.  She is arriving tomorrow! Luckily her tour isn’t exclusive and I can do it just for members 🙂

She is going to send her photos to me so while I wait for those I need to crack on with the newsletter and get that out today so members know about her tour

Start newsletter 🙁  Goodbye blog, back in a while

Microwave meal for lunch – no time to go out today!

Talk to Bianca on the phone for 10mins – I gotta get back to newsletter

Whoops now I got side tracked with a whatsapp chat with another agency owner – Must do newsletter….

Whatsapp is going nuts – this afternoon everyone seems to want to chat I have 6 whatsapp conversations on the go right now – I like a chat and anything is more fun than the newsletter ha

Head outside to get a takeaway coffee – I look like a hobo in a sparkly cap lol

Back at my desk – phone keeps ringing, trying to write the newsletter is a struggle with the phones going off at the same time! I need more pairs of hands!

Double checking information with a girl on tour – I think the info she put on her schedule may not be 100% correct – looks like the info is slightly wrong so now I need to update site and ads

Just checked Margo’s schedule to add it to the newsletter & it’s exploded with a tonne of new places that I have never toured before.  Looks like I am reading and researching a lot this weekend  – Luckily Margo always does her own research but I like to have some clue myself before I do a tour; I don’t like to look like a dumb dumb and not know where a city is.

Hubby is home from work so I ask him to proof read newsletter.  It’s not my best effort but it will do it’s job – my brain is starting to feel a bit mushy from staring at a screen so long so going to take a walk to refresh and get some food & another coffee

I am back without food but have un-mushed my brain enough to download the newsletter subscribers and get this news letter out 🙂  HURRAH

Just got a message from a London girl to say her tour dates have changed – Updating newsletter, luckily I haven’t sent it yet and updating website

I need to do tour promo too but they can go on my to do list tomorrow. The to-do list I did nothing from today (haha!)

Newsletter subscribers downloaded & uploaded to email but I am tired and I know I will make a mistake if I sent now. I will check the newsletter tomorrow first thing

Moving to sofa to watch TV & will take calls until 1am.  Calls are the end result of all the other work that goes into the day to day running of an Escort Agency

Editing this blog. I think I like it but will ask a friend to have a read

I really should make some graphics to use tomorrow for promo, get a head start on the day.  I Make some pretty little gifs and mess about with an app that create videos.  Its 1am before I know it & time for bed 🙂

I have documented Friday too – See Part 2

Running an escort agency more than meets the eye Part 2

FRIDAY September 22

Today Bec isn’t working and I am the receptionist 10am until 1am

I turn on the agency phone and my Sarah phone and reply to whatsapp messages from bed. Flick thru our twitter accounts

My hands are really hurting today.  I have RSI due to so many hours on computer and phone so I pop anti-inflammatories, cover my hands in deep heat & put on sexy gloves so I can work with my hands covered in stinky stuff haha

Sit at my desk, proofread Newsletter.  Calls are coming in already; why can’t people read our operating hours?  A disgusting pig of a man just swore at me for being a receptionist.  Joy lol

Lucky I didn’t sent newsletter last night as it’s missing things, I should have it out by 10am

Newsletter is going out now – Hurrah

Same as yesterday –  do available today pages, check in with the girls

Do Sydney hootsuite for today, tomorrow & Sunday

Update the members list – Download the current list & upload to phone

Add newsletter to the blog – I need to create graphics but dropbox is missing some folders so tidy folders and searching for missing bits as I go.  Grrrr

Check in with Asia ladies – reconfirm prebookings

Dropbox is sorted so I can do blog graphic – newsletter is on the blog 🙂

I notice on of the website galleries has a problem so I contact web company to see what the problem is – annoying

Finally I can get in the shower 🙂

Message girl to confirm our 2pm interview – no reply

Chat to Bianca on the phone, chat to Kim – Bianca is coming over & bringing me lunch 🙂

Kim has sent me some tour dates – Add those to the site & run through the promo with her that she wants done.  Talk some rubbish,make some jokes, research some new hotel options.

Bianca brings lunch, she bought sushi.  We had a good look & laugh at my old escorting photos – I was a bit of a hottie even if I do say so myself haha

Leave office and walk to train station.  I need to go to the accountant to sign some papers. Will do now as interview girl never replied 🙁

Waiting for a train

Papers signed & I have time to get my eyebrows threaded. I am meeting up with an escort later and I look like a mess, not a good first impression lol

On train back to the office

Updating and posting tour ads while I have a catchup with Zoe on the phone

Start to write sheet for our upcoming tours with all the information for Dani, my USA assistant – I am tired 🙁 There is no way I am getting out tonight to meet anyone, my to do list has grown in the past 2hrs 🙁

The phone keeps ringing so looks like this document is going to take a long time 🙁

Girl missed her flight – bugger bugger bugger – Tour started today, waiting to know if or when she is arriving so I can shuffle & move things

Running an agency means that if something goes wrong for one of the girls, I am the person responsible for communicating and dealing with it. Missed flights can happen to anyone. Luckily, her tour was exclusive to members so it wasn’t an administrative disaster, but it could have been. Sometimes, girls have just failed to show up, changed plans without notice (when confirmed bookings and been lined up and I’ve spent several hundred dollars on their individual advertising for that city alone) and left me to deal with a mess. Things happen, I understand this working as an escort myself.  There’s nothing I can do. Sometimes we lose clients because of this, not to mention the time it takes to fix or redo everything

I have food & now I have wine but phone won’t stop so looks like I am in for the night, talking shit with Elizabeth on whatsapp and half arsed writing reception documentation – yes sometimes my day is fun but mostly it’s just admin, admin & some more admin

I am done in, my hands are aching so I pop pain relief and head to the sofa for Netflix & answering calls til 1am

Please Be Kind

Sarah's 2 cents - please be kind

As much as I love my job, sometimes I struggle to get out of bed; I want to hide from the world; I want to close the business that I am proud of and I have worked on every day for 15 years.

My job isn’t about me. I support others all day long & sometimes, if someone asks me how my day is, it may be the first time I have been asked that in a week!

I don’t always share my feelings, but I am writing this blog hoping it offers me catharsis. When I am feeling down, there is no time for me to wallow and be self indulgent because I have work to do. If I don’t work then none of the girls earn.  It’s my job to ensure girls are making money and achieving their financial goals, and that they are safe, happy and have a great work/life balance. This is always my priority, ahead of my own needs. I am good at my job, I love my job, I work hard and the girls I work with are lovely; my struggle doesn’t come from them.

Today a client asked me how I was, he said nice things about me and Atlantic Agency. He made a joke about how I must never sleep, as he always can get onto me when he needs to chat.  I started crying (which I know, must seem like a strange reaction), feeling so overwhelmed by how my work doesn’t always go unappreciated. It was so nice to hear especially given how I feel right now …

What I struggle with is the hate I get from random women in this industry- especially women from Australia.  Women who have never met me or even know someone who has met me.  I have heard from numerous clients that escorts have told them not to book with Atlantic and they say I don’t belong in the industry. I don’t understand how that can be, when the industry has been a big part of most of my adult life. The adult industry that has always been my home and the place I belonged, and still belong.

Coming back to Australia, I feel ostracized, like I am a leper and I am treated with disdain. Girls who come to me for advice or when they are feeling blue do so behind the scenes – they don’t back me up for me on social media and ‘Actually, I know Sarah, she is lovely and she helps me all the time’. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.

These same women who hate me and slander agencies do, however, like the Agency Atlantic website; they particularly like the tour calendar to see who we have touring which city and to see where they might like to go. If Atlantic is doing a tour to a city then they assume it must be paved with gold, but that’s not true. Atlantic has wonderful clients and our tours are primarily for our clients with the occasional new gent. We do our utmost to keep our reputation solid and the girls we represent are amazing so this helps!

I was one of the first online private escorts to tour Dubai and some Asian cities and Atlantic is the first agency to tour regularly in Dubai and South East Asia.  Before Backpage, Massage Republic and the Naughty Networks Websites, these cities were really hard to tour as there were no advertising platforms, no Twitter, no texting or WhatsApp.

It took me endless hours of research to work out how to make these tours work. Once I got the way to promote them sorted, then came the travel arrangements… last but not least, teaching clients how to book.

In many cities clients had no idea how to book or what to do when they met the escort.  They didn’t understand girls were touring solo without a manager, that bookings were taken in London, and many didn’t know what an incall was.  Much of the booking process involved teaching a gent what was going to happen before the meeting, to pay at the start in cash and all that.

The tours we do I did myself as an escort with Atlantic.  I always trialled new tour cities myself to iron out any issues before I would considering arranging for anyone else.

Initially for new cities we would do 0% commission tours for Atlantic escorts until it was at a stage where we could take a fee.  The company would lose money on each & every tour to a new city – but I loved doing new cities. They may take a lot of time to research but I love doing that research, I find it fascinating, learning about new countries, cultures and laws.  It’s also my responsibility to the girls who wish to tour with us to have as much knowledge as possible

I’m hesitant now to outlay the same time and effort, having seen private escorts take the resources I’ve spend time and money on for their own. With cities flooded with touring girls it is making things difficult. It is harder to book new clients who will adhere to our safety measures and the risk to all escorts has increased. The issues with oversupply are starting to creep in, clients are become much more demanding; expecting more services for lower rates are just one of the annoying issues we are facing.

These same women who hate me and slander agencies will apply to Atlantic when their International Tour is failing.  We get around 10 ladies a month contacting us from their tour. When I say no, we don’t tour with privates – then I receive more hate!

But really?  You think I should give you access to the clients I have known for years?  Nobody ever offers me their clients but I should give a random girl mine…

The mind set in Australia is that Agencies steal from girls. As our tours to Asia are 80% regular clients, doesn’t that actually mean we are giving girls money? I am not sure how that is stealing?

Being attacked publicly saying I steal money from sexworkers is ridiculous. Atlantic is a Pty Ltd company that offers online promotion, support and many other services for a minimum of 12hrs a day 7 days a week.  The money paid to Atlantic doesn’t go to me personally. That money pays for things like Taxes & GST, Accounting Fees ($5k a year), advertising ($1000’s a month), it goes to wages, it was going to an SEO specialist ($1200 a month) but I am currently doing the SEO myself which I am really enjoying

I don’t dictate how an escort works. I offer ladies support and advice if they want it, but I also respect their boundaries. Girls can say yes or no to any meeting, choose their hours, if a lady wants to tour she tells me where & when.

Everyone that has ever worked with Atlantic and knows me personally know every day I spend time online (most days 8-10hrs) working on the website and ladies ads and making sure that girls have money and they have a good quality of life. I also talk to clients, many of whom I have chatted to for a lot of years and who I genuinely like.

I like schedules, I like spreadsheets, I like stats, I am a fan of organisation and being on time.  I am a helper, I like to see people happy and doing well, thriving in life.  Surely they aren’t things to hate me for?

I wish people would stop hating on me when I have done absolutely nothing wrong but work hard and achieve things I am proud of in the industry I used to love, and where I know I belong