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With many sex workers going online over the past few months, it brings up the question. Where do I go for Adult WordPress Hosting?

Using services such as only fans, many vids etc are great if you are happy to follow their rules but if you want full control over your own platform you can do so with a self-hosted WordPress Website and a membership plugin (I love WishList Member).

Since there are so many Hosting options available out there, with this blog I share some of the options I like plus a number of things and features you should consider.

It is best to go with large reputable companies with good online reviews.

Smaller SW only Services are Reseller Hosting – this is where someone buys 30 account for $50 then on-sell for a profit

The issue with Reseller is that your site can be crammed into a ‘bad neighbourhood’ which will impact your SEO and can also lead to a bad experience for customers and loss of business for you.

There is 1000s of options online and its overwhelming even for a nerd like me lol

Finding providers that are reliable and high quality with good customer care plus have the security needs you require to host your adult content can be a daunting task.

Below, I have put together a list of my Top Recommendations

Some of the web hosts on this list don’t specialise in adult, but they allow it. If you are looking at a company that isn’t on the list you need to read the terms and conditions. I also suggest you contact the company so you can be sure your content is OK before you sign up. You don’t want to have 1 year of hosting you cannot use

All providers offer quality services. The list is in no certain order. It’s just a matter of finding the one that fits your needs the best.


ViceTemple (a fairly new company) was founded in 2016. It’s part of a larger network that’s been around for years. It was created to meet all the requirements that adult businesses may need including themes, scripts domains, etc.


Last year on Twitter a lady mentioned Hostinger. Once I took a look I was pretty impressed especially with their pricing, it’s really cheap!

I wrote a blog in December of Escort Website Options and prior to doing so, I did a full test of Hostinger from purchasing an annual package (under $100) to self set up of a website. Really easy to do! Awesome range of Templates too!

Hostinger is an attractive option for due to its unlimited storage and bandwidth.

It has around-the-cloud server monitoring, automated weekly backups, and support. Hostinger has multiple plans available, including shared, cloud, and VPS.

All data on adult websites are protected by RAID-10, multiple levels of fail-safes, and daily or weekly backups. Hostinger has servers in seven different regions. No Australian DataCentre currently but it’s fast in Australia so it doesn’t really matter.


Whilst their prices are more expensive than many others, they include a lot so depending on your needs it could be good value. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and WPengine has superior customer care with lots of great developer tools. Plus it’s safe as houses. They have great uptime, top-level security and infrastructure.

I use WPEngine for Agency Atlantic Digital I love the security and peace of mind it gives me + its fast AF.


Siteground have a new Australia Data Centre 🙂

Having your site in Australia will have a positive impact on your site speed for Australian visitors. Also, your data will also be served through the Google network, which is well-known for its superior speed.

How to Choose?

Where do I buy a Website Domain?

I recommend Namecheap for domain name purchases. They are the cheapest place to buy domains and their platform is easy to use with lots of options and works with all my recommended hosting companies

Please consider that your choice will impact the way your website works, how fast it loads, as well as how secure it is against hacks and server crashes. 

Since there are so many options available out there, here’s a number of things and features you should take into consideration when choosing the right company to work with.


Speed is very important for your website as mobile UX is important for your SEO and nobody wants to view a slow website.  Look at the various options that your provider offers, this can be anything from shared hosting (which has a limited bandwidth and disk space) to dedicated server hosting (which are very fast and host only your site).

Data Centre Location

Find out where the data centre is located and whether they have servers that are close to your audience. 

This is important when looking to provide a quick loading site for your viewers, the closer the servers are to your audience the better the loading times for your site. 

Slow websites lose business and may have higher bounce rates, which harmfully impact your SEO.


What is your price range? We suggest you spend the most that your budget allows, If you can afford that fancy new phone you can afford quality website hosting to power your business. 

Better quality hosting improves your SEO, site speed and customer satisfaction.

The best value providers are Siteground & Hostinger.  WPengine has a higher price tag but its warranted as their customer support is the best we have tried. I have created hundreds of websites and used many services but WPengine is the one I love the most 🙂

WPEngine offers built-in caching, and optimized loading time for WordPress sites. Whilst they are more expensive, especially for multi-sites, but if you have the budget it’s an investment worth making.

Customer Support

Always check reviews online of what people are saying. Do they have good comments? What is their uptime (the time that websites are likely to be live)? and do they respond to their customers promptly? 

The providers we’ve recommended above we also chose due to their support teams. Each one of them is offering good support with prompt responses. 

Again, check their locations to make sure that they work well with your time zone and whether support is included with your plan.

Site Traffic

Do you have huge amounts of traffic coming in or are you only starting out? This should be taken into consideration when choosing your hosting provider. If you’re a new business, you’re likely to have lower traffic – so a shared hosting plan will work fine for you for the first 6 -12 months.

We recommend using Google Analytics to carefully track your sites progress and the number of monthly visitors. This will also be useful when you try to decide whether you should upgrade your hosting plan or switch to a different provider.

If you have a current hosting provider and are considering a change, we recommend contacting one of the above mentioned providers. Check the options they offer, many provide free, or paid switching services so you can be assured that your content is going to be moved correctly. Others also offer free domains, 1-click WordPress installs, as well as great site backup options.

Honestly, choosing Adult WordPress Hosting should always be viewed as a business investment rather than an expense, don’t just go for the first provider, and don’t consider cost as the main factor.

With hosting, you really get value for your money.

Your decision will influence your site performance, reflected in the experience your customers receive when they visit your site.

Until next time

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