The Australian Adult Industry Awards

The Australian Adult Industry Awards 2019

The annual Australian Adult Industry Awards are on again. As usual, on social media, there are those people are super excited about the Awards and others knocking them for being excited. 

Personally, I am a fan of the Australian Adult Industry Awards aka AAIA’s and when I read the nasty comments I think, just a bitter b*tch who nobody nominated or they forgot to nominate themselves….haha

Then there are the backhanded nasty tweets that sh*t me like; ‘Oh I am nominated again this year, not sure how I feel about being nominated’ whatever love… 

If you don’t want to be supportive or be involved, take your name off the nominations list. Problem solved, crisis averted?

If you don’t want to be on the nominations list; it’s really easy to get yourself removed with an email, phone call, SMS or DM to the AAIA’s.

Personally I love to get nominated & no, I don’t nominate myself cause it’s a bit sad IMHO Sorry if you nominated yourself, my apologies; You do You 

The AAIAs are coming to Sydney in 2019

Thankfully this year the AAIAs have decided to move the event to Sydney so I don’t have to pay for tickets, flights and a hotel to go to a strip club with sticky carpet & awful toilets

My First Time… 

In 2014 I attended my first AAIA Awards Night with my hubby, Lucie Bee, and Estaban a guy that worked at Jonslist, an escort directory that is no longer around.

It was to be a Black Tie Event at a Posh Melbourne CBD Hotel so I packed an expensive Gown and Limited Edition Satin Louboutins. A last-minute venue change to Brunswick meant my beautiful red-soled shoes went into ‘those bathrooms’… If you have been to ‘that venue’ you can understand and feel my pain lol

It was not the best meal I have ever had but the wine was free-flowing & I was anxious as f*ck so I needed that wine haha. You can’t tell from my blogs but I am a shy Introvert Web Nerd until we are mates that is, then I never shut up lol

Maxine was very welcoming and invited us to sit at her table where I sat alongside a Drag Performer who the Compare for the evening and absolutely hilarious

Lucie Bee was up for an award as was Atlantic and I was super shocked when Atlantic won Best Adult Website. Lucie got up on stage and accepted the award and I got a massive diamond trophy that is in my office as a paperweight.  

The after-party was at a club that the AAIA’s had booked for the evening. It had an indoor pool and it was pretty cool to have the place to ourselves.  

I was sitting outside at a large table and lots of others came outside too. There was this really pretty girl who sat beside me, we started chatting, her name is Sienna James visiting from Perth and we are still in touch to this day. Cool chick

The Australian Adult Industry Awards are fun!

Remember Fun? In my opinion, that’s what the AAIAs are. A bit of fun; An excuse to dress up in a pretty party frock, a place to relax, chat and meet others in our little stigmatised industry.

As a business, yes it would be lovely to win Best Web Developer or Best Mentor but at the end of the day, voting for the AAIA’s is a popularity contest.

I am not popular as I don’t like social media, public events or people haha

The more social media followers you have the more likely you are to win. And that’s OK and that’s just how the voting currently works.

If I cared about winning I could create a web bot to vote for me but I have other things to care about and ways to fill my days. 

Without my dodgy voting bot, Samantha X will always beat me in any award category.  She is a famous author with hoards of fans that adore her and will vote for her. She is popular AF, she will win, its pretty simple. The Adult Industry Awards is all about votes and popular people get the votes

Last year Samantha X was supposed to attend but she cancelled as she needed to stay in Sydney. I got sick of hearing her name read out each time she won an award lol

I messaged during the night to tell her that I was feeling like a very sore loser & how if she had been there I could have at least basked in her winning glory haha 

Does it matter who wins or who is the most popular? 

It’s not like anyone is desperate to win ‘best Anal AAIA 2019’ so they can put it on their LinkedIn profile. 

They give prizes for some awards and yes free things are always nice to receive but I won nothing last year yet I had a cracker of a night and I am happy with that!

I attended last year with my friend Rachel who is the Manager of Langtrees Canberra which won Best Gentlemans Club and Nina who was nominated for Best Trans Escort. 

Rachel is for nomination for Best Brothel Receptionist so please vote for Rach as she is awesome!

I met Charlotte Swan (whose writing I love) and Charlie Forde who looked so beautiful in pale pink. Next Level stunning!

I hung out with Eden of Available Angels and caught up Viv Black who swanned in late like a princess to be crowned something awesome (sorry babe I forgot what you won). I had a drink at the bar with Richard Arthur and had funny chats with a couple of women who worked at Venus Babes. I also met Stirling Cooper who is a bit of a hottie…

I won zero awards but had a f*cking awesome night and met nice people. I didn’t wear Louboutins as a lesson learned in 2014. I wore a gorgeous red gown and I knew to wear shoes that could withstand those bathroom floors (ick)

The Australian Adult Industry Awards, love or loathe them, be involved or don’t, just shut up let those of who want to enjoy them, to do so. 

There are much bigger problems in the world to worry about than how votes are counted or if the voting is rigged. Does anybody truly care? Or are they just being bitchy for the sake of it?

Yes, it a fact you can nominate yourself and vote for yourself but so what? Who does it harm?

I don’t care if I win or lose but I would care if the awards didn’t exist anymore as they are a hoot. 

So please support the AAIAs

If you want to attend as a solo guest there is always plenty of nice people to sit with, so let’s drink wine, be merry and celebrate The Australian Adult Industry Awards.

I will be there with bells on and thank F*ck this year I can once again wear great shoes 🙂   So come say Hi 

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