now allows comments on some posts. Whilst I have turned off comments in the past, I would like to see this blog evolve and become a place where people can discuss ideas rather than just read my escort advice blog posts and thoughts.

I would love to see it evolve into a more of a community of like-minded people sharing ideas and a place to network

I previously turned off comments due to online bullies. So, to make Sarahs2sents a friendly community I will be deleting any messaged that is not friendly.

You can have a difference of opinion with me or someone else but name calling, or any type of bullying will simply not be tolerated.

Sarahs2cents Comment Policy

If a comment…

  1. Is impolite or unfriendly
  2. Uses degrading, harsh or vulgar language
  3. Is spam written primarily to advertise or posted for a backlink
  4. Infringes on the rights of another
  5. Is off-topic
  6. Lacks discretion – no real names to be posted; no clients details or the personal details of other workers

The comment will be deleted

You are welcome to disagree with my blogs and other people’s comments however you cannot say whatever you wish in any way you wish and bad behaviour is simply not allowed!

The purpose of allowing comments is for us to share options and knowledge. If you disagree with me or someone else’s comment I would love you to post comments, however, you must be polite.

Disagreeing with me is very welcome 🙂 I love to learn things from others and I am hoping that comments will help me to understand more about the topics that I am passionate about

If your post does not fit within these comment policy guidelines above or I find the comment in any way inappropriate I will delete it

By posting you agree the contents or opinions you post are your own and not that of sarahs2cents

The “infringes on the rights of another” means I will remove defamatory content, anything malicious and anything that infringes copyright. Any users that post such content will have their account deleted. 

Cyber Bullying is a crime and will not be tolerated under any circumstances

Australian Cyber Bullying laws are listed on

Any person or person(s) who find a comment or guest post on this site that violates these guidelines or misuses the intellectual property of another should get in touch with me via email [email protected]

Comment Policy 1

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