Escort Agency Advice

Escort Agency Advice

If you are considering Escort Agency Representation please read my Escort Agency Advice on how to go about finding a great Escort Agency to work with, also some of the questions you should ask at your interview

Being an independent escort can be challenging so some ladies choose to work with an Escort Agency, Manager or PA.

However, not all agencies are what they say they are.  While some may be a great support to you, others may take advantage

As with all businesses, there are good & bad.  Some agencies are run well and function as a regular business whereas some are set up with the sole purpose of cheating escorts and lining the pocket of the agency owner with as much money as possible

Until 2018 I was the owner of an Escort Agency; over the years we heard plenty of crap stories about crappy agencies.

Ladies paying high joining fees, being ripped off with credit card transactions, being forced to do services they didn’t wish to do, paying ridiculous fines and bonds, escorts being required to audition; the list goes on…

There is also plenty of lovely agencies where ladies are treated with respect, mentored & helped to make a great income without the hassle or costs of being an independent escort

I would suggest considering female owned & managed Escort Agencies or managers. Sorry to any decent male agency owners out there but too many women (including myself) who have had bad experiences with male owned agencies

Research the Escort Agency

A quality Escort Agency will have a good quality website and will most likely be sitting near the top of google searches. Quality businesses don’t hide, they spend money to make sure they are found and invest money back into their online presence.

A reputable agency usually requires you to meet for an in-person interview.   If an agency doesn’t suggest such a meeting; ask for one.  

An interview will give you a good feel for the people you may end up working with. This is an opportunity for you to interview the agency too.  

If an agency tells you something that sounds too good to be true; it possibly is

If you suspect your interviewer is on drugs or lying about the agency benefits, trust your gut and move on

From the answers you receive at your interview, you will be able to determine if it’s a good fit for you or if you should continue looking for another prospect

Ask questions at your interview; go with a list so you don’t forget anything that is important to you, here’s a quick checklist and explanations for each question:

How much will I be paid?

You may have seen an ad online saying you can $30k+ a month; it’s possible but not very likely.  Escorts sometimes make that kind of money but very rarely.  Escorting is not a get rich quick scheme, you have to work at it

Ask if there are set rates or if you can choose your own rate

Ask what fees are charged by the agency & how the agency receives payment

Agency fees fluctuate from 20% to 60% so shop around & see what options are out there for you

How do I get paid?

Enquire about payment methods; if the agency takes the money & pays you then it’s probably best to walk away – You may never see the money you have earnt

If the agency takes credit cards then ask how you will receive the money and how long it takes for you to receive the funds.  Also, ask what happens with any chargebacks (if a charge is cancelled by the card owner or the bank cancels the transaction as the card is stolen)

Are there any additional costs I need to cover?

Agencies all have different guidelines for the things that escorts must pay for themselves.  You will always need to have your own clothes & shoes but some agencies will expect you to pay for a shopping trip to start with them, or expect you to wear high end & very expensive designer clothing, lingerie & shoes

Some will expect you to pay for your own marketing & ads on top of the agency fees

Do you pay for your own transport or is it paid by the client in addition to your fee; Do you need to pay an agency driver

If any agency attempts to charge fees anything not directly related to escorting; legal fee to draw up a contract; it may be a sign of a scam.

It’s essential to ask about all so you know exactly where you stand and you can make an informed decision

What is the agency policy with photos?

Some agencies will use the photos you give them.  Some will pay fully for your photos, some will pay a portion of the cost.  Others may expect you to go to their photographer who could cost anywhere from $500 to $5000.  

If you are not using your own photos, ask who will own the new photos after they are taken

How are Escort schedules handled?

All agencies handle scheduling differently.  Some agencies have strict policies with set shift hours, set number of shifts or a Roster you must adhere too

Some Escort Agencies will allow a lot of flexibility, others none at all.   

Time off to recharge is important but some agencies simply don’t care and will push a gruelling schedule of day-after-day appointments

How much notice you get with appointments.  If you can’t get to an appointment in time is there any recourse

Does the agency have a regular client base?

If an agency boasts to you that they have more clients than anyone else, their girls are all booked out all day every day and in desperate need of good escorts be careful.  This is a tried and true scam that some agencies have pulled on unsuspecting escorts who want to get rich quick

A well-managed reputable agency will have regular clients but nobody can predict how a new girl will be received.  An experienced agency may have an idea if their regular clients may enjoy your company but there is no guarantee

What does the agency do if I find myself in a bad situation?

Have there been any problem clients? If so, how was the situation dealt with?

Some agencies put your safety & happiness ahead of them making money; some don’t

The Background of the Agency and the staff

While some new agencies can be innovative & enthusiastic; generally the older agencies will have the client base & reputation you need to succeed in a competitive market

Most agencies who have been around a year or more will have online reviews on one of the various review sites about the agency & also the ladies.

Read both Escort agency reviews & the ladies reviews for tell-tale signs that ladies are unhappy or working under duress

Agency ladies reviews will show the date the review was posted; if an agency has ladies that have been at the same place for years, it may be a good sign.  Girls lasting only a short time may mean the opposite

Are there any sexual services requirements?

This is an important question and one you must ask

Do you have a say over what goes into your profile and promotion?

Another must ask question; you don’t want to find out after your photoshoot that your full face must be on the website.  Also, ask about face photos or selfies being shown to clients or on social media

Are you required to be Exclusive?

Can you work via your own ads or social media, can you work with multiple agencies or are you expected to be exclusive?

Many agencies have strict policies about exclusivity.  

If you previously worked privately you may be asked to refer your private clients to the agency.  Be honest if you are advertising anywhere, on other agencies, sugar daddy sites etc; Honesty is the best policy. A lot of agencies will have price guarantees so clients will point out ads to get better rates

Do I need to sign a contract?

If an agency tries to force you to sign a contract on the spot, be careful. You could be locked into something that you may regret

If there is a contract read over it & if you are unsure if you should sign it consult a lawyer

Take your time to decide if the Escort Agency is the right one for you; if you have any doubts continue interviewing with other agencies; you will know the right agency when you come across them

My no. 1 piece of Escort Agency Advice

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t feel obliged to work with this business. There are plenty of agencies, plenty of managers, PA, assistants and other types of businesses you can work with. If you feel uncomfortable or disrespected walk away

I hope this article is helpful in your search for the right escort agency

until next time

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  1. I was an independent for 3 years & recently started working with an agency. I wish I had gone to agency to start with.
    Better jobs, no timewasters + no more twitter idiots.
    So far I am finding agency clients to be better than independent guys too.
    They dont push for free time or discounts and treat me

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