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The Mythical Escort Community

So apparently there is an Escort Community? I rarely look at Twitter these days but when I do there is always someone with a bee in their bonnet and there is always lots of fighting

The escort industry has progressed in many ways but in some ways, I feel we are going backwards

Having been in this industry for over 18 years I have seen us progress, we are now out of the shadows and have a voice but are we showing ourselves in the best light?

In 2017 I definitely noticed an increase in public nastiness and bullying and its such a shame to see

We say that escorting is empowering yet I doubt many outsiders looking at Twitter would see us as an empowered group, more like a narcissistic group of nasty bitches and whingers

If a lady makes a wrong word choice she could have 25 strangers attack her online.  It would be great if twitter was a safe space to say your thoughts but it’s not and only the strongest ladies come away unscathed

Being an escort is hard enough without ladies piling shit on each other and I have seen so many girls in tears or suffer panic attacks & anxiety over what is said to them or about them on twitter

Then there is all the nastiness posted about clients… Gents are our business, they spend their hard earned money with our businesses. I see real names & phone numbers posted on twitter without so much of a thought for the gent or the impact it may have on his life.

I personally know a gent that has lost everything due to his information being posted on Twitter; his marriage broke up and he lost his job all because he made 1 comment to an escort that she didn’t like (he didn’t say anything wrong IMHO – he asked a simple question)

Previously I have posted my thoughts or frustrations on Twitter but it never helped me or my business.   I have offered information, been shot down or slandered and had my words twisted to fit someone else’s purpose

Escorts have wanted to argue with me or ridicule me but mostly escorts just ignore me cause I am an agency (not a person with many years of industry experience, just an agency lol).  

Bullying, bitching, and gossiping has always been a part of this industry but it was never so public and it’s getting worse.  On social media ladies are openly attacking each other and trolls can get in on the act as well.  Lies now spread like wildfire and false information can become facts quite quickly. There are 3 sides to every story and often only 1 side is portrayed

The ‘ Escort Community’ that is often mentioned, simply doesn’t exist

There are a few cliques, there are a few girls that everyone sucks up to because you want to get retweets from them but the escort community, is fictional.

It’s a dog eat dog business

In all fairness; I don’t know of an industry where competitors help each other and want to share the same clients?. The reality is that we are all businesses and in some ways, we all competing but there is no need for the bullying, can’t we just let everyone do their thing?

If what an escort says on Twitter doesn’t directly affect you or your business then why get involved?  

Who cares how another escort portrays herself or her business.  It’s her business what she does, not yours!

Atlantic is a business and whilst I have good relationships with many escort and other agencies, I am not going to share my secrets of success with them

However, I will share information privately about safety issues, dangerous clients etc.  I will also recommend them to gents who contact me should I have nobody available and they recommend me the same way.

None of us owns any clients, gents go when & where they choose but I know gents do appreciate quality recommendations especially with the huge amount of fakery online these days

All the years I have been in this business I have learned so many lessons. This business is hard!   As much as I have enjoyed my time as an escort and agency owner I have made a tonne of mistakes and through my choices, I have thought ending my life was the only way forward.  Yes it can get that bad

The Escort business is not easy money, it is super tough, bitchy and competitive. Anyone that says otherwise is not being honest

Ladies and gents if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to, I believe in confidentiality, I am a good listener and happy to have a chat.  I am saying that as Sarah, a mature woman who has been through a lot, a human being with a heart, I am not just an agency 🙂

The Mythical Escort Community 1

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  1. Sarah your a blessing to me your blogs have really opened mutt eyes to the shit I’ve somehow not been smelling until today. Thank you for your efforts and hard work in our businesses. Where I’m from its very hard to work and live life period. There aren’t any people period who are understanding to what we go through as people. Not one client or escort believes in respect. I’ve lost all of my business I’m losing my home I lost all my valuables trying to savor something but nothing has worked. Severe frustration, anxiety, fear and depression is all I have now. I have to move out of my house by the second with nowhere to turn. It’s ruthless here. All this mess due to a clients wife finding his hidden folder with my information. She’s posted fake reviews set fake appointments. Even seen me at a coffee shop and came inside screaming at me about sleeping with her husband and him spending her shopping money on me. Talking about humiliation. Now that I’ve lost my everything I’m being forcefully reduced to being homeless so I’m publicly l obviously forced to retire and accept that my career is ending args it was all for nothing.

    1. OMG that’s awful! I am so sorry to hear about what has happened to you.
      I can promise you that things will get better, it will take some time but try to keep positive (even tho its hard AF).

      The worst experiences in my life have been due to other woman and this industry.

      In 2010 an escort made a false police statement against me as a play to get out of her robbery arrest. She had broken into my apartment, took everything of value and were subsequently arrested by the police.

      Due to the malicious statement she made; I spent almost 2 years in limbo with very strict conditions that were like house arrest. I spend most of my days & nights depressed and crying whilst waiting for my trial date.

      At my trial I got a not guilty in 40 mins because I hadn’t done anything illegal; the police just assumed things & didn’t investigate properly The judge apologised for what I had had to endure including the press being in the court room & harassing me.

      The apology didn’t really help with the fact I lost everything financially and was publicly humilated in both print media & on TV.
      My family and friends didn’t know about my work and many of friends unfriended me.

      I thought how lucky it was that my escort friend had come to court to support me and she had let me move my things to her home before the trial so the press couldn’t find me. My ex-flatmate phoned me, went nuts at me for not telling him about court and he kept my bond for the harassment he endured.

      The day after the trial I was packing my things to get ready to leave and I realised some of my belongings were missing. She was out so I went searching & found one of my handbags hidden under her bed. I confronted her & she went crazy at me, threatening me, I went into my room, locked the door and called a friend to come quickly & help me.
      The escort stole had stolen every last item of value I owned… Obviously I wouldn’t go back to the Police

      It has taken my years to my life back on track. I have worked hard & persevered; whilst its not even close to the life I had, I am content.

      So please don’t give up; you will get through this and as the saying says ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

      Sarah xoxo

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