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Escort Guest Blogs are always welcome 🙂 If you would like to write a guest blog for please refer to our Guest Blog Page. I would love to hear from you xoxo

  • 5 Tips to make your escort ad content irresistible
    Try these five quick and easy escort ad content writing tips so your advert attracts more of your ideal clients.  Advertising your escort business isn’t easy. Confusing laws and various crackdowns on online adult marketing mean there are a dwindling…
  • Guest Blog for Sarahs2cents
    Escort Guest Blog I write posts on Sarah2cents when I have the time but generally, I lack time as I run an Adult Industry Digital Agency and my clients needs always come before my own. A high-quality in-depth blog generally…
  • Available Angels: All Inclusive Aarketing platform
    Hi.  My name is Eden and I am the owner of Escort Directory. Available Angels (AA) was created in 2016 and boy have we change a lot over the past 3 years Originally, the Available Angels concept was the…
  • Sexworker Mentors
    There is some confusion in the sexwork community with regard to Sexworker Mentors. Here are some thoughts for your consideration. There are four types of professional advice that you can expect to receive Coaching Consulting Mentorship Friendly advice While all…
  • Escort Economics
    An introduction to the Escort Economics by Sienna James Real economic factors involved in running an escorting business Economics – The branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. Business – A person’s regular occupation, profession,…
  • What is it? Who is behind it? What are the benefits? Luxury Companions is a new international escort directory. Yes, I hear you, ‘another one’. ‘Yes, it is another one, and it’s new!’ Well, new to many escorts and…
  • USA Escort Safety
    I am lucky to live in Sydney, Australia where sex work is decriminalised.  In Australia, escort safety and screening procedures vary from state to state and escort to escort and in many states, we have legal brothels so safety is…
  • Independent escort – No Thank You
    Why I don’t wish to be an Independent escort A frequent topic of discussion between myself and others (clients and friends alike) is the way I like to operate my business. I am perfectly happy discussing this as I know…

Would you like to Guest Blog for Sarah’s 2 cents?

Having been in the Escort Industry since 2000 so I have the experience to write balanced and researched blogs calling all my many years within this area of sexwork

I have a degree in Information Technology so often my blogs are a mix of digital services, industry and personal experiences

I am a very level headed person most of the time so I make sure I write this way too. Everyone is different and I don’t believe that I am always right. You do you

The Escort Advice I give isn’t in judgement if you are different to me, I aim to give you a perspective that may be different. You can decide for yourself what is right for you

My Escort Advice is exactly that, you can take it or leave it, totally up to you

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