Escort Marketing and SEO

I have for 20 years in Escort Marketing and 7 years in SEO. With these blogs, I aim to share my knowledge, ideas and concepts to help you to maximise your online visibility and increase your business

  • Grow your Escort business in 2021
    Managing an Escort Business can be a lot of work! You need to dedicate time to admin with a lot of work needing to be done prior to the paid part of the job, actually meeting clients. Whilst many escorts…
  • 5 Tips to make your escort ad content irresistible
    Try these five quick and easy escort ad content writing tips so your advert attracts more of your ideal clients.  Advertising your escort business isn’t easy. Confusing laws and various crackdowns on online adult marketing mean there are a dwindling…
  • DIY Escort SEO
    Need help with your SEO? Here are simple things you can do for DIY Escort SEO. Please be aware that this list will help your rankings but you will not shoot your website overnight to no 1 for “Sydney Escort”…
  • Escort Website Options, Hosting and SEO
    With the demise of many escort directories there has been lots of twitter chats on Escort Website Options, Website Builders, Hosting and of course my favourite acronym, SEO, is thrown around in spades. Escorts asking advice on what to do,…
  • Hire an Escort SEO
    Recently I outlined why you need a search engine optimised website in my blog on Escort SEO. Yes, you can do DIY your SEO if you want to spend months or learning how to do it but what about if…
  • Escort SEO: Search Engine Optimised Websites
    I have written a few Escort Marketing blogs containing some information on Escort SEO but with this blog, I am going to dive into why building your website search engine optimised is crucial in your marketing strategy. I will also…
  • Escort Brand: Finding your Escort Niche
    We hear a lot about Escort Brand these days in the industry but nobody really answers the questions: What is an Escort Brand?  Why do I need an Escort Brand?  What the hell is an Escort Niche? ‘I already have…
  • Escort Marketing: It’s a Jungle out there!
    Escort Marketing has become a lot tougher since April 2018 when SESTA/FOSTA hit. These USA laws caused many advertising platforms to disappear. To combat this lack of marketing and promotional spaces, Sexworkers are creating their own websites. I wholeheartedly recommend…
  • How Do Escort Clients Search?
    When Escort Clients Search: What are they looking for? How are they looking? What makes an Escort client click a link in google? What makes them leave your website before your website loads? These days it’s hard to get noticed…

Escort Marketing & SEO Experience

With almost 30 years in IT as an analyst/programmer/developer & almost 20 years experience in the escort industry, I have learnt a thing or 2 about Escort Advertising 🙂

I have international advertising experience and was based in London from 2000-2013, Australia 2013-2015, South East Asia 2015-2016 and Australia 2017-current

I have consulted on Escort Directories, classifieds and advertising platforms.  My Digital Agency Atlantic manages SEO and digital campaigns for Adult and non-adult brands

My Blogs are my opinion + researched facts.  I aim to educate and give you some ideas on how you can maximise your exposure

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