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I am lucky to live in Sydney, Australia where sex work is decriminalised.  In most states in Australia Sex Workers are able to go to the Police and report crimes.  Escort Safety procedures vary between escorts; everyone has different screening and comfort levels and it’s not really a life threatening issue

USA Escorts are not lucky like us here in Australia

USA based escorts need to take a lot of precautions to ensure their personal safety.  Not only do they need to worry about dodgy punters, they need to keep safe from Law Enforcement too!  It’s truly unfair but the laws, no matter how silly, are still the laws 🙁

On Friday I noticed a tweet by Felicity Harte (@FelicityHarte) sharing some excellent Escort Safety Tips.

I asked her if she minded me share them and luckily Felicity agreed 🙂  I have transcribed Felicities tweets

Felicity’s Escort Safety Tips:

  1. Always check a mans references.  No references – No GO
    His first time, then you go real world information.  His work and drivers licence.  No questions asked
  2. Some people love incalls or outcalls.  If you have the luxury of letting someone know where you are – check in and out
  3. If operating an incall at a hotel or location.  Have a trusted friend with your schedule call the room to check in and out. It’s an old agency trick
  4. If operating out of your own private incall.  Bring your dog.  Trust me it does help to establish boundaries
  5. Require Deposits.  Axe murderers will be turned off by this and don’t like to have a paper trail
  6. Carry pepper spray and train in some form of self defence.  It saved my life at a time and I’m sure it will help you in any situation
  7. If travelling to an outcall.  Google Map the location and address before you go.  If it seems sketchy it is sketchy.  Travel with a friend in the car or a trusted driver.  Have them sit in the back seat
  8. Realise you are not a one stop shop.  If they are an ass, bye bye bye!  Drop the cash and go. It is not worth your troubles
  9. Have a phone conversation beforehand.  You can tell quite a bit from a conversation.  Request a selfie prior to meeting.  So you can know who is who!
  10. If they won’t screen and are willing to just meet for coffee ahead of time to ‘test waster’ Do no fall for this BS!! You need to know who you are meeting at all times any time.  Enforcement services are starting to do that.
  11. Throw a GPS locater on your keys or purse
  12. When picking a spot to host or go to. Look at all the hotel listings and pick from the Top 10.  I have never been disappointed doing it that way
  13. Use the resources provided to us.  @SafeOffice @Verifyhim @Preferred411
  14. Have your VPN on at all times for communication and posting.  Even video chats keep that on
  15. When posting pictures or outings always do that after you have left the venue.  However, more important screenshot that same pic before posting with your VPN
  16. Do no post anything identifying your locations.  Whatsoever
  17. If a girl gives you titbits of advice on a client to see or not to see.  Shut up and keep that between you two.  You do not share that with a client as that puts the provider in unknown danger

Be Safe Everyone!

There was some excellent informative tweets added to Felicity’s Twitter feed by other USA based sex workers too. You can check those out on Twitter @FelicityHarte

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