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Escort Twitter – so much misinformation…

One of the things that drives me nuts about Escort Twitter is that misinformation is spread as truth just as long as the person who is tweeting is popular (or seems popular anyways).

Popularity seems to be all you need to be an ‘expert’ or to be able to spread lies and have people believe they are true.

Its seems to be very easy for escorts to promote themselves as an expert in a topic even without having a basic knowledge of the said topic.

As you can tell from my blogs, I am a bit SEO obsessed and have been for years.

The work I spend around 40hrs a week on is Escort SEO and I love the work I do. I love it as it is so challenging, my brain loves it because it’s all about problem solving & I have a maths brain. I struggle with writing and I can’t sell at all but give me data & I am happy indeed 🙂

I develop websites; I love developing sites because I love to rank no.1 on google with my sites lol

Pretty much my entire work life revolves around SEO in some form haha  I only use social media for social signals, if socials didn’t help SEO I wouldn’t do them at all haha

Escort SEO is extremely complex and challenging if it wasn’t we would all be sitting at position 1 page 1 for every keyword we want.   

But how would that work?   Would every single Sydney Escort be sitting number 1 for the keyword Sydney Escort?  It’s not possible obviously & google is smart that’s why they make small changes to their search algorithm every day.  

Adult SEO is the hardest SEO niche

  • It’s hard to promote as many places don’t allow adult
  • We don’t get the same SERPs as non-adult. I am yet to see anything Schema or Knowledge Graph that is escort related
  • Nobody publishes any research related to Escort SERPS so an Escort SEO has to use research real world & do our own testing.
  • There is no education available online for Escort SEO so most of the industry don’t understand how bloody hard it is to rank page 1

The basics of SEO are easy to grasp, if you have a WordPress site you can use a plugin like Yoast & use their videos to learn. Yoast is very helpful for SEO newbies

I digress… I often do when I have my ranty pants on lol

One of the things that drives me nuts on twitter is that some Escorts with zero SEO knowledge share misinformation like they are experts!  It undermines all the work, hours and research I put into my work.

It makes it look like my monthly fee is unjustified. If SEO is as basic as some escorts claim I shouldn’t even charge at all? Haha

On Escort Twitter, we have the self-proclaimed experts (some who are experts on everything!) but the ones that are more annoying are the rumour spreaders…

Most rumours are spread strategically and privately by Twitter direct message. It’s so simple to get a lie or rumour to spread like wildfire.  

Obviously you can’t put the lies in public or the person you are spreading they lie about could defend themself

I am regularly sent screenshots of DMs where my name is slandered. I am not sure why I get so many great rumours and lies spread about me?   

  • Is it because I spend time writing a blog that helps others?
  • Is it because I love SEO and my sites rank high on google?
  • Perhaps it’s because I am happy & content with my life?
  • Tall poppy syndrome?
  • Maybe I am just special?

BTW I currently reside in a very humble home in a very small city in country NSW, Australia.

I love living a simple and rather stress-free life; There is not a lot to be crazy jealous of about me but I am happy and for some people that must be enough to want to spread lies to try to hurt my feelings?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the lies of random haters no longer hurt my feelings.    After years of copping the same BS I no longer give the haters any power over me.

My fake rumours make me sound so bloody powerful

1 prominent Australian Escort loves to DM Singapore touring Escorts to tell them that I call the police on Escorts Touring Singapore. Why the F9ck would I do that? For what purpose? How do I do it? Do I have so much power that the Police can just go arrest someone on my say so?


I also heard a wonderful tale recently that when I managed Agency Atlantic Escort Agency in London I would steal the passports of high class escorts (British & Australian) and force them to work on the streets.

The logic behind that one I have not to clue about either? I am a solo Australia female who is good at digital marketing for Escorts, not the Russian mafia FFS… LOL

Agency Atlantic was a UK company & I was a director; The agency escorts paid a commission of 30%

Out of that 30% came all the costs of running the agency including wages, VAT, taxes, photos, digital marketing, offline marketing (we used print media back then too) phones and so much more.

The ladies we represented had fees of £200-£500 per hour.   Yet according to this nasty b*tches rumour, I was putting the girls on the street instead?

I am not sure how much a street based worker is paid but wouldn’t it be less than the 30% my company was already receiving?

The funniest part of that rumour is the woman who tells that story was also telling a story in London that she owned Atlantic…. The true story is that whilst she was represented by Atlantic for about 3 days she was removed from the agency for being involved in hard drugs and we had a no drug policy.

Liar Stamp

Rumours, Lies, experts and crack addicts pretending they are me, Escort Twitter really has it all!

If you have any funny rumours about yourself you would like to share you are more than welcome to do so in the comments section.  

I personally find laughing at my rumours and haters is a good tonic to help rid some of the hurt & upset they can cause 🙂 Its taken me years and years to get to this place tho, I cried many tears in the past over the horrible untrue things that have been said about me and shared via Escort Twitter DMs

Escort Twitter - so much misinformation... 1

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  1. I agree with your post. This is the drawback of twitter, But twitter can’t handle this trouble. But question is that how to stop spammer on twitter.

    1. Spam is stopped by using the block button. I find I get a lot more spam on Instagram. I think I am shawdowbanned permanently with Twitter so nobody even sees me lol

  2. Natalie Asher says:

    Oh the twitter bubble of bullshit is very real. After 5 years out of the industry, I was shocked to return to see the significant changes social media had done to the industry. I wasn’t in a good place nor was I really ready to return, but Twitter absolutely sealed the deal for me & I left as quickly as I reentered. What I noticed was that very few sex workers followed and supported me in fact I was shunned. Their alter ego didn’t like mine hahaha. Because my alter ego would have eaten them for breakfast and they knew it. There is a lot of fake beauty in the industry now which is fine, but under all the alter egos are still insecure girls that find strong natural beauty threatening and that’s a primal thing. My ego has always been overprotective of my personal creative expression and it really pissed me off to see women having rants on their profile indirectly in response to things I’d posted, and then blatantly stealing concepts of shoots then getting the exposure and validation as it’s theirs because they were popular and had the following. If you don’t fit into the cookie cutter plastic fantastic club, if you go against social norms and march to your own beat and stand out, you’re a threat. If you’re older or haven’t had the work done I notice so much compassion and cheer on for these women, because they aren’t threats. A year on, returning to the industry I’ve learnt my lesson, Twitter is not the place for me. I spent time on Instagram learning to have the courage to reveal my authenticity prior to returning to the industry, knowing how hard it was to cope with that on Twitter last year. Aside from that I have zero interest in being an amateur porn star all over Twitter because I’m desperate for validation, fame and will use sex and an altered appearance to get it. That does not scream certainty and confidence, that screams I am not enough. And little girls always ban together like a pack of Hyenas and circle women as their pray. I’ve been two weeks as my real name and already notice last night someone just do the same in the past few days. It’s fine that’s the point I want to lead by example and encourage women to stop hiding. That’s how the industry gets legalised. Not having rants on twitter as your alter ego. There is no competition when you’re manifesting in your own lane. I’ve never seen other women as my competition, I saw alpha men as that. But I tell you right now if women are inspired by each other we bloody well acknowledge it and find a support network there, we ducking reach out to kindreds. But when we see another woman’s individuality as a threat because we identify it in us in some way too, we feel jealous and envious and feel like we aren’t as good, we begin to despise them and discredit them and at the same time copy them. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end of this my entire life and vaguely remember identifying this ugly trait in myself in high school and a few other times since when I was incredibly insecure and unhappy within myself, and I’m not proud of it either. Thank fuck I grew up and into my womanhood. Because grown women are not dictated by their ego and have a sure sense of self that can not and will not be wavered. I know one thing is for certain, I don’t care what anyone else is doing. I’m marching to my own beat and doing things my way because I’ve got the courage to think and feel for my authentic self and creative from it. I’m not compromising on that for an industry that has lost its way because of Twitter & unrealistic porn. Wanna be fake? Fine with me, but step outside your Twitter bubble and find new sources for your creative expression rather than stealing women that you loathe with envy. That’s why I haven’t come back as an alter ego this time. It turns women viciously ugly and I’m not prepared to loose my sense of self ever again. Especially not for a fucking facade. Been there done that learnt my lesson. Rant complete

    1. Rants feel good right? LOL I started my blog as I need an outlet to vent ha

      I prefer Instagram too as there is less nastiness. I no longer have twitter on my phone & use an automation tool to post tweets.
      I find Twitter a cesspool of public hate, incorrect information and private DMs often filled with unvalidated gossip.

      I have had my blogs plaigarised numerous times. Recently a copy & paste of my exact words.
      I have been copied ever since I started in this industry 20 years ago whilst its frustrating its a compliment too
      People only copy things that impress them 🙂
      Its lazy to copy & lazy never prospers in the long run
      Keep on being authentically you – Authenticity always shines
      Sarah xoxo

  3. EastCoastBabe says:

    Omg hi!
    I live in the USA.
    I actually was bullied into hiding.
    I have the biggest heart support everyone!
    I was 2 yrs in.
    I was told to go kill myself when a bunch of ladies found out about my 1st photoshoot.
    They won I never did it
    To me I envy a lady and will even ask for tips.
    I don’t hate.

    Oh I had an amazing website I can’t fill it out because I had to take it down because I was outed to my family over the summer.

    1. That’s awful! Someone outing you to your family is the lowest of the low

      Twitter is horrible where sociopaths seem to excel unfortunately

      Don’t let them beat you. If you want to escort you can do so quietly & discreetly without Twitter or you can automate it with a tool like buffer or hootsuite.

      I do SEO which requires social signals and twitter is the only one that doesn’t ban Adult so I automate it & check my DMs once a week
      I only receive DM’s from people I follow & I only follow about 5 industry people lol

      I rarely read anything Industry related on Twitter as its just Escorts spreading false rumours or promoting their own angle on a topic for their own gain.
      Occasionally there is a mass bullying pile-up of escorts on 1 escort because she uses the wrong word or has an opinion that she isn’t allowed to have by the ‘community’

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