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Escort Website Builder Comparison

In this Escort Website Builder Comparison, I will discuss the pros and cons of the 3 most popular Escort Website Builders; WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.  All 3 have merits, advantages, and disadvantages

Which Escort Website Builder is Easiest?

Wix and Squarespace

I list these Wix & SS together as they are both SAAS (software as a service) and very similar with templates, drop/drag, easy for anyone to use. They limit your options so you can’t mess things up & you can only host on their servers. Essentially they control what you can & can’t do but that definitely makes things a hell of a lot easier for you.

Wix is lovely! It’s simple, it’s easy and anyone can set up a site with very little website knowledge

I have never designed a site in Squarespace, I have looked at it for research and its much the same as Wix.

Ease of use comes with limitations, SquareSpace and Wix are controlled environments.  They are site builders with limited options that can only be hosted by only them for a monthly fee.   You don’t have to worry about technology updates or finding hosting; you can basically just pick a template, add words and photos then hey presto; you can have a pretty website online in under an hour.

With both Wix and Squarespace you don’t need to know any code, no HTML or CSS, although the option is there if you need it.

These platforms are made for small businesses that simply need an online presence. Like everything online, website builders have terms and conditions.  As websites are hosted on their servers, you must comply with their terms and conditions.

Sexwork is illegal in many countries which means these platforms do not allow sex work websites as that would be illegal for them to do so.

It is all in the wording tho; escorting is just ‘escorting someone’ so if you word your site correctly you may be alright

Often they do not remove sex work or escort sites unless they are sent a complaint.

If you are working in a country where sex work is legal or decriminalised, your website is still under someone else’s control.  Personally I don’t like anyone controlling my business and I love tech so WordPress is my fave 🙂


For this blog, I am discussing which is the open-source platform that most people refer to when they say ‘WordPress’. Not to be confused with which is similar to Wix, it’s more of a page builder with hosting than which is self-hosted

I use WordPress and recommend self-hosted WordPress hosting to my colleagues and clients (pricing starts at $5 a month)

WordPress a powerful content management system that’s best for the serious business owner who wants their website to grow with their business.

WordPress has the steepest learning curve of the 3 options but it also has a lot more functionality and flexibility.   There are no limitations with what you can build with WordPress and this is why it powers over 30% of the internet including multi-million dollar companies with 1000’s of employees.

Whilst WordPress is more challenging for a beginner; the upside is that it gives you the ultimate level of customisation and there is no real limit to what you can build into your website.

Functionality such as live chat, a private members area, paywalls, forums, courses and anything you can think up really, can be added to your WordPress site allowing you to include additional revenue streams and marketing opportunities

The upside of WordPress

WordPress is different from Wix and Squarespace in that you have full access and own your website and content.

The Downside of WordPress

The downside is you need to learn and decide how to build your site + the ongoing maintenance. There are limitless options which means a lot of research & reading + possibly making a tonne of annoying mistakes should you decide to do the entire set up yourself.

There are many places to buy templates for WordPress such as Theme Forest but often they are a waste of money & badly coded so its best to stay clear of those & use something for free out of WordPress repository. To see these go into WordPress, choose themes, there are tonnes of free & freemium options that you can test out & see what you like

The main differences between these 3 platforms are that Wix and Squarespace aim to give you a website without needing coding skills. WordPress gives you total freedom to think outside the box and achieve your goals.

Wix & Squarespace own where your website is housed so you must adhere to their terms. WordPress you own your site and can put it anywhere you, please.

Self Hosting

I recommend Sitegroud but there are a few Escort Hosting Companies such as which was created in response to SESTA/FOSTA and helps USA based Sex workers

Which is the best Escort Website Builder?

Comparing Wix & Squarespace to WordPress is kinda like comparing a well priced Toyota to a Porsche. The WordPress CMS is far superior in all ways including performance & SEO

Do It Yourself

What you decide to use is really down to what is best for you, your business and brand. If your site is your starter site, you are only planning on escorts a couple of months then Wix or Squarespace is great but for long term SEO & brand strategy, WordPress wins hands down

Flexibility & Functionality

Thanks to the developers who contribute to WordPress with themes and plugins, you achieve anything you desire with your website.

A self-hosted WP site is the way to go and the cheapest in the long term; you just need to commit a bit of time and effort to learn the basics. There are plenty of free tutorials available online. Alternatively, I develop in WordPress (for pricing refer to Atlantic Digital)

WordPress is also the hardest to learn and most difficult for beginners but in my opinion, it’s worth it in the long term

Wix is great if you want simple and easy to use. Wix does allow Escort sites as long as it is legal in your country, the same goes for SquareSpace. However, both platforms are hosted on hosting you do not own, so if they want your site gone, it’s gone; Goodbye

At the end of the day, it all comes down to which of these Escort Site Builders is best for you and your skill level, also how much you care if you lose your site & need to rebuild it in a new platform

If you are using WordPress you can back up onto your local computer, I suggest if you are using Wix or Squarespace you always keep a copy of your content in case your site disappears

Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will reply

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  1. Hey there Sarah, I love you site and some of your information. I was wondering if you could point me to some tips to increase our page ranking. I’ve looked at some of your advise, but I think the way our site is built is making it difficult. Would you be prepared to have a look, and point me in the right direction please?

    The site is

    I do IT support for the company that owns the site, and would so appreciate any advice.

    Many thanks!


    1. Hi
      Sure I am a full-time developer & SEO & Audits are part of the work I do
      Details are on
      Best way to get in touch is via the contact form on
      I am not on this blog very often
      Sarah x

    2. I just had a quick look; its the same flynax template as (same background image, UX etc)
      If your client wants to rank, throw away the flynax and build something unique

      1. Hmmmm, thanks heaps for your reply Sarah.

        I thought that you might say that…. now to put that to my client.

        Wish me luck!
        and I’ll get in touch via the agency.

        Kind regards

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