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Escort Website Options, Hosting and SEO

With the demise of many escort directories there has been lots of twitter chats on Escort Website Options, Website Builders, Hosting and of course my favourite acronym, SEO, is thrown around in spades.

Escorts asking advice on what to do, which platforms and hosting companies allow Escort Websites, how to SEO and as always there is plenty of subtle sales tweets for SW owned services by the business owners, clients, fans or friends

With this blog, I intend to cover topics to help you have a better understanding of Escort Website and the options available to you. No sales pitch, just some facts and findings from reading and research

Side Hustles

Firstly, I want to mention side hustles and please do not misconstrue the words I am writing

I do not begrudge anyone with a side hustle nor do I have a problem with SWer created businesses. Nobody knows the escort market better than someone who has worked within the industry. SW support businesses are a necessity in today’s market.

However, I do tire of seeing escorts using their social media popularity as a way of launching businesses that they could never launch in the real world.

Whilst you can learn a lot from watching youtube, at the end of the day education and real experience is important if you are selling services with the price tag of an expert.

I personally think it’s unfair and unkind to make money off others if you don’t know what you are doing. You can’t just take someone’s hard-earned $1000 then go to Fiver and give someone $40 to sort it out for you. If someone is offering services on for $40 they probably are not an expert.

If a client is paying the rate of an expert, it’s really not nice to be unable to provide that expertise or have the skills to back it up.

In 2020, to create & maintain a successful Escort Brand, you either need to learn a lot of skills or outsource

If you are looking to outsource, ask questions, ask for references, just like you would in the real world. Twitter popularity doesn’t mean you won’t be ripped off.

Mentoring Services

Mentoring services are definitely needed these days. Escorting is very complex with very little public information.

Having the support of a mentor is a great help for newer escorts and also great for experienced escorts who may not be working to their full potential. A mentor can help you with ideas that you may not see yourself.

This is one service that only escorts can offer as nobody can teach you how to be a great escort unless they have been a great escort 🙂

I offer mentor services but mine is more brand strategy than on the job training. I am old so also good with personal topics like bullying and the hardships of life. Mostly these days I mentor escort agencies as I do their SEO and Digital strategy.

SEO and brand must work together so to do well with SEO, you need a solid strategy in place. A digital brand needs to be consistent both on and offline

Selling Digital Services

Whilst I have a digital agency, I have worked in IT for 30 years. I have worked for Digital Agencies as well had my own for a long time. I can tell you, running a digital agency, not easy, its stressful, technology changes so quickly. I am lucky my passion is also my career so the 10 or so hours a week I spend learning is part of what I love about my job.

Except sometimes where I am overwhelmed, struggling and wonder if I have any idea what I am doing. I am human and some days I spend wayyyyyy too long procrastinating and reworking a website til I start to lose my mind.

Whilst your own personal escort brand does teach you a lot about digital services, selling services as a business is a totally different gig and you come unstuck pretty quick if you lack experience.

As a business selling services; if you don’t or can’t deliver as promised; you will need to either refund a client or face possible legal action.


I am not going to talk down to anyone about SEO but it does get thrown around a lot on escort twitter. Many tweeters (is that a word?) mention it but often don’t have a basic understanding of how Google search works or how to have success with Organic Search.

I recently read an article that quoted almost 70% of consumers have no knowledge of the basics of how Google search works. I still have people come to me asking for quotes on 5 keywords.

The aim of SEO in 2020 is to rank for as many keywords as possible. Google Voice Search has changed how people search so your 5 chosen keywords may bring you no traffic at all.

For example, this blog, Sarahs2cents has 258 Keywords on page 1 of google. I looked just now and Sarahs2cents is no 1 for ‘escort marketing’ in Sydney on mobile. Don’t use Google in London as the result will be totally different as Google is local and sometimes varies between mobile and desktop and also if you are using google chrome (which has personalisation)

SEO services are not about ranking no.1 for things like ‘Sydney Escort’ it’s simply ‘Optimising a website for Search Engines’ so a search engine can crawl the pages and index them.

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation

As quoted in a recent article

In 2010, Google made 516 algorithm changes. That number increased to 1,653 in 2016 and to 3,234 in 2018. We don’t have data for the last couple of years, but still, you can bet that the number is continually going up.

Neil Patel

In 2020, Escort SEO is super technical, complex and constantly changing. If you are interested in learning more about SEO, follow something like Search Engine Land as they produce articles every day on the ever changing world of search engine marketing

Most of my day is SEO focused, my digital agency primarily caters to clients wanting to elevate their business and brands and what better way to get noticed than be the top of google page 1 🙂

When I look at things like escort website options and hosting, I look at the options from an SEO perspective.

Escort Website Options

Website Builders

Wix and SquareSpace are both great platforms that do allow escorts and certain types of adult content in certain jurisdictions.

As an SEO, I don’t recommend either platform but if you don’t care about SEO then Wix is so super easy to use! I recommend Wix to lots of escorts because they don’t need a brand strategy they just need a website to link to their social media and ads. I have written a full blog; Website Builder Comparison

If SEO is not important for you, host wherever you want & whatever suits your budget. Personally I would go with WIX, it’s so cheap and easy to use

The Escort Website Options for WordPress Hosting (listed below) also have free site builders if you are like many people and find WordPress scary.

Whilst WordPress is superior, there is a big learning curve which is why most digital & SEO agencies provide care and maintenance packages.

Spending $100 on a maintenance plan may sound like an annoying additional cost but if you aren’t tech-savvy, it gives you great peace of mind.

If your site goes down, someone will fix it for you and most care plans include some minor website changes too

If you don’t want to pay for maintenance I recommend using WPEngine WordPress Hosting its worth the extra cost if you don’t want to do any maintenance.

Website Hosting

I have worked in Digital and Web for 30 years, my first job was with an ISP but it’s still the one place I get a bit nervous. I am not a hosting expert but I do know quite a lot about hosting as its part of technical SEO

Hosting choice affects SEO

Contrary to what is thrown around on twitter, SEO for Adult and Escort websites is hard, time consuming and Technical. What is on the page and off the page are both important but the backend of the site is critical if you want to gains.

The backend of the site is the difference between position 1 & position 5 for a keyword or worse still, ending up on page 2…

In 2018 google started indexing mobile first and whilst the official google statement is ‘site speed isn’t a ranking factor’ it is! I have first hand experience and testing that have seen sites rankings drop due to a 1s slower page speed.

I am in lots of developer & SEO groups, hosting is a big issue for all and regularly discussed as being a crucial element in web development and SEO.

I have spent goodness knows how many hours reading terms and conditions of the best performing web hosting companies to see who allows Adult. Some of the best hosting performers don’t allow adult, unfortunately 🙁


Hosting platforms don’t discriminate against Sexworkers per se, digital platforms are legal businesses with laws to abide by and many digital platforms are US based Companies.

In the USA selling sex is illegal, just as you cant sell cocaine on a website, you can’t sell sex either.

In the Terms & conditions of web hosts you often see Adult, gambling & drugs all listed together as disallowed content. Whilst this is sometimes for legal or moral reasons, sometimes it’s also for SEO reasons.

You will find the same business types not allowed to use many google services such a Google Maps, google my business (local SEO) and Adwords (Pay per Click).

Recently I signed up for Mail Chimp emails service but my account was restricted due to my website content. Many email services & hosting companies prefer to be safe rather than sorry. 

Which is understandable as nobody wants to end up with a SESTA/FOSTA lawsuit

Types of hosting

There are lots of different types of hosting, pricing structures, inclusions and extra hidden charges. Enough to make your head hurt.

I personally use VPS (for non-adult) but many clients prefer to use something less expensive and something that is easier to use themselves.

Shared Hosting

For Independent Escort sites I regularly recommend Siteground $4.95 a month + the simplest user dashboard I have ever seen. It’s a controlled environment like Wix so its harder to get yourself into trouble

Watch out for bad neighbourhoods

One of the main pain points with shared hosting is who you are sharing with.

Whilst Escorts sites are not allowed by some hosting companies due to laws or jurisdiction, others don’t allow Adults sites as they can be bad for the SEO

Many people do not want to host close to an adult or escort website due to it being classed as a bad neighbourhood by Google so if you are going with shared hosting, go with a big one with many other businesses that are not Escort websites so your 1 site is not sharing a bad neighbourhood.

Wix is great, so easy to use and I would be using it myself if search engine rankings weren’t the main reason 90% of my clients work with me.

WordPress Hosting Options

I have spent a lot of hours, reading terms and conditions of the best performing WordPress Hosting Services in Australia. Many hosting services don’t mind escort sites but they don’t allow porn or spammy adult sites.


I have already done a thorough blog on Siteground Hosting and how to set it up here


Compared to SiteGround, Hostinger’s speed is on par but SiteGround leads by a little bit. I bought a year of shared hosting including a domain, domain privacy (extra $5) SSL, CDN, email and WordPress hosting for $75usd. Whilst they have very cheap VPS hosting, for my test, I am using WordPress hosting.

Hostinger has multiple data centres, I used Singapore. They have a great choice of free templates, plug & play, away you go. You can have a site up in a few hours

For my test for this blog, I bought a new domain and followed their setup without instructions. It was super easy to use

I like that under Profile, there is a tab named Activity that shows what is being done on your site. I can see that my site has the CDN and SSL queued ready to go as soon as ICANN registers the domain

I added a WordPress site, used a starter site that I could edit if I was going to use it. For this blog, I am going to leave the site alone so you can see what it looks like.

Its a pretty site & could easily be edited to be an escort website


Agency Atlantic is an Agency Partnership with WPEngine. They call themselves a WordPress Digital Experience Platform.

Whilst their prices are more expensive than Hostinger or Siteground, they include a lot so depending on your needs it could be good value. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and WPengine has superior customer care with lots of great developer tools. Plus it’s safe as houses. They have great uptime top-level security and great quality hosting.

Today I did a site migration test of Agency Atlantic to WPEngine and shave off .5s which is a lot on a site that is already under 3s.


Another controlled WordPress environment that allows Escort Sites. I double-checked with them today

They have good reviews and include lots of things in their monthly plans like hosting, premium plugins such a smush (image optimisation) and a suite of other tools. Excellent Customer Services too.

Digital Pacific

I have done work on clients sites on Digital Pacific and know they are fine with Adult. Also Zuver, VentureIP, Crucial and plenty of other Australian based hosts accept Escort websites. There is plenty of blogs posts on the internet listing the top 20 hosting companies but the ones I have listed, I have used and tested so I know they are quality + have good customer service

Escort Directories

Escort Directories come and go. Directories are essentially just selling web traffic and if you have a website they are also giving you a backlink (quality links help your SEO)

I wrote a blog post a while back on what an Escort Ad site does

The job of a directory is to showcase the profile you put on their site. A profile that may or may not get you calls or website traffic.

Directories are businesses and whilst most are started with good intentions they often fizzle out. In the past 20 years, I have seen so many escort websites come and go. Very few have longevity except sites like Adultwork or Eros

The hours of running a directory are extremely long, the running costs are very high and often some of the more established directories struggle to turn a profit and they eventually just give up.

My Directory and why I will never do one again!

About 2 years ago I created and Escort Website called Asia Escort Tours which was an MVP for a directory idea of verified only profiles for Asia. Allowing agencies and independents to advertise honestly.

I would regularly hear from my Asia clients they got scammed by escorts with fake photos and lost deposits and all kinds of BS from booking on Scarlet Blue. Which BTW has always had tonnes of fakes and loads of agencies advertising as privates.

My Escort Website started out with a few of my mates listed. My career is SEO & Web Dev so the site ranked very well on search engines and my mates were getting bookings.

It wasn’t as slick as other advertising sites, it was an MVP FFS and it was free to advertise…

I worked on the site in my free time (which I have very little of). It wasn’t my best build but I don’t have the luxury of being able to take 3-6 months off work to build a great platform.

I closed the site last year as I couldn’t bear the amount of rude, timewasters that got in touch with me demanding I change the business model to accommodate their needs, allowing their fake photos and their fake independent escort ads.

I was offering free ads that were bringing bookings to advertisers and all I asked for was that advertisers followed the site guidelines and filled out a form with all the details requested and were polite…

I redirected the traffic to as Eden does a much better job at dealing with the rudeness of advertisers than I do. FYI International Escort Profiles are currently free on Available Angels 🙂

Anyways I am rambling and can talk on SEO, website and hosting for a long time so I will stop it here

I hope you find some of the information detailed in this blog to be useful

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