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Escort Website: Create your Virtual Home

Every business these days has a website. As an Independent Escort, you are a micro business and it is important to show legitimacy. The best way to do that is with your own unique Escort Website and Brand helping potential clients find who they are looking for

I cannot understand why so many Australian escorts choose to give their hard-earned dollars to advertising sites or 30-50% to a madam/mentor who pretends to be them, so they can post on private only websites on their behalf?

In my opinion, It’s better to spend those dollars on their own unique Escort Website and Digital Marketing Strategy.

If you don’t want to be Independent, I would recommend finding yourself a great Escort Agency or Brothel who include a lot for their fee. They pay for a location (Establishment or Incall), linens, receptionists, Ads paid for and so much more. You turn up, do your shift & go home. Simple

If you are paying a percentage to a manager/mentor/PA you work for an Agent. A PA works for a set hourly rate or salary, not a percentage

If you are an Australian or Asia based lady who is in need of a PA, I have a couple of great recommendations. All the PA’s I recommend are former escorts & well versed in both local and international escort bookings and escort tours.

Australian Escort Advertising Websites

Australian Escort Marketing is so much smoke and mirrors. Whilst using Ads sites are easier and take less time, in the long run, it’s a detriment to your brand if you don’t have your own platform that you control. Your own Escort Website, your virtual home where you are always be found even when ad sites disappear or social media platforms change their terms and conditions.

  • If an advertising site disappears, how will clients find you?
  • What happens if Twitter stops allowing Adult content?

As we saw with the closure of Backpage in April 2018, relying on 1 site for all your advertising can be problematic and for many, it was an utter catastrophe!

If you would like to learn more on setting up your own site + reading my recommendation for Escort Website Hosting please refer to my blog on this topic. My blog includes screenshots to help you with the sign up process.

A 1 page Escort website is a good start

You can have a simple 1-page website with your name as the domain such as the site I did for Kate Lewis

Make sure you add domain privacy to your domain too as this hides your personal details from public view

Quality Hosting and Website Speed are important

This google study is very interesting regarding speed and loss of visitors if your site is slow: Mobile page speed new industry benchmarks

You can create a simple page yourself pay a professional development (such as Agency Atlantic) to create a page or site for you if you want. Doing an Escort Website yourself may save you money but it will cost you time and often a lot of hours of frustration.

At Agency Atlantic we are Escort Website Developers with many years of experience and knowledge. Whilst we are developers, we are also SEO’s, so we build unique sites that will rank so those clients looking for you, will find you.

I wrote a blog Escort Website Builder Comparisons showing the comparisons between Wix, Squarespace and WordPress if you can’t decide what to do

The issue I have with Wix is that Wix is slow. It’s not a great technical set up so so may not rank on search engines for any useful keywords. unfortunately, Wix SEO is pretty useless so Wix is great if you don’t care about SEO or Google rankings

If you have OK computer skills, WordPress is great. You can begin with a starter site and for about $5 a month, you can have your own website that isn’t reliant on platforms that can change their Terms and Conditions and delete your site in a heartbeat. (self-hosted WordPress) is what is used when you choose WordPress Hosting. You don’t have to set it up just press WordPress Hosting in your hosting account). WordPress gives you infinite possibilities and full control over your Escort website.

Be careful not to sign up for as its hosting like Wix so you will lack control of your site and content and potentially can be kicked off the platform.

Why are you sending your Twitter Followers to Advertising Sites?

Using an advertisement link as your Social Media website link doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. You pay an advertising site to send you clients so why do you send those clients back to the advertising site?

We are all unique BUT when a guy is looking at a website & there are 10 brunettes with similar pics & blurred faces; his little brain (his non-thinking one lol) doesn’t read or follow instructions on ads he just calls and that call may be to someone other you.

Sending him back to an advertising site gives him a whole new range of options to choose from.

Some guys will send out an SMS to everyone on the ad site that is their type & see who he likes from SMS chit chat.  SMS chit chat is such a waste of time – unpaid labour

By having your own unique website you attract clients who will see your uniqueness. Gents who want to get to know you a better

Your Escort website tells potential clients; I am a professional!

I am not a fly-by-night lady on a quick money grab; I am a professional escort providing a professional service and my Escort Website is proof.

On your website, you can clearly list your terms & conditions, have clients read them and agreeing before engaging your services.  Terms for deposits and other information can be clearly listed so there is no misinterpretation of how you operate. 

With your own Escort Website, you can make your policies and procedures clear to clients

As someone who has placed 1000s of Escort Ads on numerous platforms I know 90% of clients never read any of the words, we take hours to write. They often find the phone number then Whatsapp or SMS or worse slide into your DMs so they can pretend they want to book and waste hours of your time.

Also, miscommunications occur via SMS and other platforms. When you have a website, you simply send a link to the potential client, they can read rates, security and procedures and whatever else you want them to read before you start the process of arranging a meeting.

Your Escort Website and Escort Brand helps you stand out from the crowd and proves you are both independent and a business and in control of your own destiny! Clients love to know you are truly independent and your own website shows them that you are.

If you need an Escort website or you would like your current website upgraded please contact Agency Atlantic

We build sites that search engines love so you will receive Organic Traffic, the best type of web traffic as it’s free 🙂

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  1. thank you…
    My name is Bella I am an independent escort, and I really love your advice.
    I’ve been doing this for a while now and I taught myself everything I know.
    I walked in with my eyes closed there isn’t training for an escort lol…
    I live in Dayton Ohio and the industry sucks but I’ve made good money…That’s only because I am drop-dead gorgeous…
    I would really like to hear back from you.

  2. thank you…
    My name is Bella I am an independent escort, and I really love your advice.
    I’ve been doing this for a while now and I taught myself everything I know.
    I walked in with my eyes closed there isn’t training for an escort lol…
    I live in Dayton Ohio and the industry sucks but I’ve made good money…That’s only because I am drop-dead gorgeous…
    I would really like to hear back from you.

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