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Managing an Escort Brand is a lot of work!

You need to dedicate a lot of time to admin, a lot of work needs to be done prior to the paid part of the job, actually meeting clients.

Whilst many escorts are now outsourcing tasks to Digital Agencies, PA services and Escort Agencies but what about if you want to do it all yourself?

When I had my Escort Agency, 90% of my day was Digital Marketing, Brand strategy and SEO with about 2% of my time taking phone calls & arranging escort meetings.  

Having an escort brand is not only time consuming, but it can also be really confusing at times

You see other escorts succeeding but you may be stuck in a rut & not sure what to do next. Your brain is overflowing with ideas but you aren’t sure how to put them into action or which tools to use to help your ideas come to fruition

Adult Friendy Services

Being an ‘adult’ business can be a headache as many online tools and marketing platforms are not available to us. I have done adult for 20 years, this list is SW friendly

You can spend many hours setting up a website on, adding Mailchimp or Paypal only to find soon after all your hours of work amounts to nothing as you are blacklisted for all 3 services, they do not allow adult so all your hard work is gone. It makes you want to curl up & cry.

Some days I spent half the day reading terms & conditions trying to find a solution that is either adult friendly or at least doesn’t kick me off if they find out their tool is being used for escort promotion

Your Business Structure

  • Structure your business as a business: Getting a good account is one of the best things I did when I started managing my own businesses over 25 years ago. It takes a lot of stress away knowing that you are safe with the taxman. Not only does it take away stress but also means you can do things like apply for a mortgage (the great Australian dream lol)
  • Daily Structure: Having a daily structure is my number 1 tool for how to run a successful Adult Industry Business. I have been self employed for a long time so I know that my daily to-do list and knowing the right tools to run my business play a big part of that structure

My workday is officially 10 am til 7 pm Monday – Friday but I am often at my desk before 10 am to get a head start on the day.  I aim to not to work on the weekends so I can spend time with family. Of course, it’s not always possible but I try my best

  • I wake up at 8 am, shower & get ready for the day; breakfast is generally a protein shake with things in it (Coffee, LSA, Probiotics) + I take vitamins. I am not a fan of food in the morning so I drink my breakfast 🙂
  • I make my bed – I learnt that from a self-help guru & I am not sure why but it’s a good habit to have
  • I meditate – a quick 10mins by Mindful Movement on YouTube is sometimes enough to make me feel refreshed.  I know I should exercise but I am not perfect; I really hate the gym these days and my day is so long I just can’t be arsed lol
  • I spend 1hr learning – mostly I read SEO blogs and research

I may seem like a know it all but I only know a lot because I spend at least 1hr a day learning, reading and keeping my skills up to date

Run your own Race

Stop looking at what others are doing & do things your own way!  The grass always looks greener as the saying goes but if you stop looking, the only grass you know about is your own. Compete only with yourself & it will help you significantly.  

I have been doing web development, Digital Marketing & SEO within the adult industry for a very long time. The path hasn’t been easy or fast & some days it’s still hard as hell

I have made a tonne of mistakes and I have learnt a lot from these mistakes. I am still learning and trying new things that aren’t always successful

It’s worth all the hours and all the headaches as I love what I do.  I love helping my clients achieve success and grow their businesses

The same as all businesses, I charge for my services but I also give back by doing blogs where readers can learn from me for free.  I know my blogs have been helpful to many escorts and I will continue to blog indefinitely. If you would like to pay for services please contact me via

Escort and Adult Business Tools

If you prefer to do things yourself, I have curated a list of my favourite tools and resources.  Many are free. I hope you find them as helpful as I do

Safety Apps

ClientEye App Free Escort Safety App – Helps you weed out timewaster, no shows or worse

Numberbuster Paid App to check phone number for scams, fraud, timewasters etc. There is many others that do similar such as Mr Number and True Caller, you can find them all in the app store

Online Courses

I use these platforms to learn + I use google search too and good old Youtube

Create A Website

Yes, you can create a website yourself.  It will take you many hours of your time to learn how to create a site but you can do it.  If you want to save yourself the headache and grey hairs have your site created and maintained by Agency Atlantic Digital.   I am a technical designer & experienced SEO so your site will not only be on brand, it will be technically sound so it will rank on search engines

Website Building Platforms

My preferred platform & many web designers use the same.  WordPress powers 27% of the web. The first time you look at WordPress it is overwhelming but the more hours you spend in Word-press the less scary it becomes.  

With 100’s of thousands of themes & plugins whatever you want it is possible!  

WordPress is open source which means it’s owned by nobody so it’s good for escorts as nobody can kick you off the platform if they change the terms & conditions.   

You will need to buy your own domain name and pay for hosting.  I use and recommend Siteground to all my clients as it’s fast & also recommended by WordPress and they allow adult too 🙂  


One of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world, designed to make front-end web development faster and easier.


Very easy to use but I find it’s too limited.  I have created sites for clients in Wix at their request. It is a website builder with templates, drag ‘n’ drop editor + a cute mobile site editor.  Wix controls everything, you can only host with Wix, pay by the month.


I know some escorts use SquareSpace, I have not used it or ever been in the platform.  Similar to Wix, easy to use with gorgeous ready to use designs (pick a template, drop & drag – Simple).  Pay by the month, hosted & controlled by Squarespace

Website Resources

WordPress Hosting and Plugins

If you are going to use WordPress then I suggest Siteground for Hosting as they are fast, have great customer service + have a lot of great freebies which save you money such as Free Email, CDN, SSL and their own caching plugin.

  • Yoast – The most popular SEO plugin
  • Elementor – Award Winning Pagebuiler
  • OceanWP is an excellent theme and I highly recommend the core extensions bundle ($39)
  • Astra Pro a lightweight theme with a lot of great features with the Pro Version. Sarah2cents is done with Astra


There is plenty of great SEO tools online.  I mess about with lots of them as the more tools you use the more data you can collect 🙂  Some of the other SEO tools I use are

  • SEranking I recommend this easy to use tool to clients as it is great value for money with enough features to get you going.  Excellent SERP reports including the ability to monitor SERP features.  The website audit tool is easy to follow plus you can add keywords directly from Google Search Console
  • SemRush – My Favourite SEO Tool – 7 day free trial
  • HotJar  
  • Pingdom – check your website speed
  • – Website speed & Performance Optimisation
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • SimilarWeb – check the web stats of any website
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Google has lots of tools to help you with your site and SEO

Design Pretty Things


  • Canva – A great tool to make fast graphics for social media. Free version is excellent but I have the paid version as it has extra features that are worth the extra $s for my business.

There are thousands of design resources available for anyone to access I have used various but I personally love Canva and get all my clients on it too.  It’s so simple to use, I do Canva Graphics on my phone in the ads if I am watching TV lol

Freebies and Templates

There’s no need to design everything from scratch. There are tonnes of freebies online

Free Fonts and Typography

With so many free fonts available at the click of a button, you can have ultimate flexibility in your designs.

  • Canva Font Combinations
  • FontFace Ninja – Browser extension to help you discover what fonts were used on a website.
  • Google Fonts – Open source designer web fonts.
  • WhatTheFont – If you see a font on someone else’s website you can use this site to find out what it is

Social Media Graphics

Creating social media graphics—like blog headers and Instagram quote cards help grow your social media followers

Photo Editing Software

Photo Compression

Before uploading images to your website you need to optimise them.  I use photoshop but these sites are handy tools that will help you save on Website hosting bandwidth, speed and storage

Speak to your clients


You can speak to clients with these tools added to your website

  • LiveChat– This is the one I use – Lots of functionality available
  • – Free messaging app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website.

Online Surveys

Surveys are a great idea if you are stuck and need answers.  Collect real-time feedback, demographic information and customer satisfaction

Marketing – Social Media


I am not a social media person but I use it to help grow my brands

  • Bitly – Create, share, and track shortened or custom links.
  • SocialRank – Find and analyze your followers on Twitter and Instagram.
  • TweetDelete – As I promote escorts & tours on 2 of my twitter feeds I use tweet delete to clean out all messages after a set time period; this stops ladies details online after their tour is finished.
  • – Makes cute Instagram websites (much nicer than a regular link)
  • – put all your links for socials and website in 1 place

Publishing and Automation

Schedule post and plan your social media from 1 platform

  • Hootsuite – Manage up to three social media profiles and get basic analytics, content scheduling, lead capture campaigns, RSS feed integrations and free social media courses.
  • Buffer – Share what you’re reading and schedule social media posts.
  • Later – Schedule and manage your Instagram posts.


  • Copyscape – Plagiarism checker that searches for duplicates of your content.
  • Grammarly – Improve grammar, word choice, and sentence structure in your writing. It’s free!

Be More Productive

Manage yourself with a to-do-list

  • Asana – I have this app on my phone & use it for personal to-do-lists, project to-do-lists and for larger team projects

Useful Little Helpers

File Sharing and Storage

  • Dropbox – File sharing with up to 2GB of free storage. I use dropbox to store and share photos with clients
  • Google Drive – Google cloud storage.  I use the spreadsheets & documents in google drive to store & share data with clients.  The first 15GB of storage is free.
  • WeTransfer – Transfer photos and files for free up to 2GB

I hope you have found some of the tools in this blog helpful to help you enhance and elevate your adult business in 2020

Free Tools & Tips to help grow your business in 2020 1

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