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Luxury Companions is a new international escort directory. Yes, I hear you, ‘another one’. ‘Yes, it is another one, and it’s new!’ Well, new to many escorts and companions from all over the world that are looking for a new and exciting directory to showcase their beautiful selves and their secret lives 😉 or not so secret for some, to gents, ladies and couples looking to add a little spice to their life.

At we treat every advertiser as special!

All our advertisers feature on the front page in a scrolling photo display AND all our advertisers are promoted through our many social media platforms. You don’t need to be a supermodel or brown nose the site owner to be special on Luxury Companions.

We welcome everybody; fetish models, travel companions, social companions, Ladies, Gents, Trans, Models and Agencies, and ALL for FREE!

Unlike many new directories trying the ‘get rich quick’ road by throwing up a directory and charging stupid amounts of money for advertisers to be seen. Our directory is FREE to be seen on.

There are paid options of course, at least for the remainder of 2018. We encourage advertisers to sign up for the FREE ADVERTISING option first, and for completed profiles, we happily upgrade to 6 months FREE, all in return for a little love.

‘How?’ you ask?
‘Easy!’ we say!


We love content! Our visitors love content! We want our visitors to really get to know YOU!


Our visitors LOVE photos. All of our advertisers can add up to 20 photos. If you upload at least 12, we will create an animated photo video, all about you, AND add to your profile AND use it to promote YOU on social media to our followers and silent watchers.


Our visitors LOVE videos! All our advertisers can add personal videos to their profile FREE. You can actually add up to 5 videos. They don’t have to be perfect. They can be a cheeky video you have taken yourself on your phone. Our site will download your video from Vimeo or youtube.

About you

Our visitors are interested in YOU! Tell our visitors as much as about you as you want! Be cheeky, funny, sexy or sweet! Answer our random questions, fill out a personal interview, talk, talk, talk! Don’t be shy.


We know you can’t be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… or can you? Be particular with your availability with our optional schedules, or select from 24hr or book in advance options. You can change these anytime.


Our visitors travel too! If you are a touring escort, include your tour calendar and FlyMeToYou options. Add as many advance tours as you want, edit and change them as often as you want – FREE of course!

and there’s MORE

Choose how you wish to be contacted. Choose email phone, apps or all of the above. Include your social media accounts. Add your profile to more than 1 category. Choose different cities or categories, share yourself around in our directory, FREE of course!

I know there are so many new directories that are popping up all over the place, hopes to be different. We have a lot of ‘work in progress’ features that will become available to all our advertisers over the coming months. I can’t tell you what they all are YET – but I will, and guess what, they will be FREE of course.

Who is behind

Me! Who am I? Some of you will be familiar with the name ‘Rene Joile’, well I like to think I have a name that many of you know (*cheeky grin).  I am an established international escort from Australia. A frequent traveller, I spend most of my time in Asia, Singapore predominantly, and frequently travel exclusively to Europe by request.

With an active online presence as Rene Joile for over 15 years, and add another 15 years of experience in the adult industry, so (without attitude), I think that gives a great head start in the adult industry online.

I love what I do! I have loved my life as an escort, locally and internationally, and I have so much experience to share with my advertisers, including years of online traffic from my various websites.

One of my greatest passions is helping people. Throughout both my private professional life, and professional escort life, I have been the go-to-girl when people have needed advice and or help with this or that. I have helped many models establish themselves all over the world. If you know anything of my personal life, you will know that’s a fact, if you don’t, then I am pretty confident when I say that you have more than likely seen one or two of them on television, in a magazine or on a stage somewhere, so with this knowledge, what I do, and can do, is second nature to me.

What are the benefits?

Every directory owner says their advertisers will benefit from being seen on their site, but the truth is, benefit. Of course, YOU will benefit from getting new visitors to your site, new inquiries, and more work, but in all honesty, (the brand) will benefit. In turn, those benefits will turn into benefits and rewards for YOU!

You will benefit by

  • Being a part of a NEW & EXCITING escort directory
  • Being presented on social media in an upmarket, stylish manner
  • Being promoted regularly on social media
  • Being seen in video platforms
  • Having YOUR PERSONAL BRAND expanded
  • Getting more visitors to your site

Being ENDORSED by another escort with a long standing, great international reputation (I will elaborate on this at a later stage)

When I started in the industry many years ago, the opportunities that are available today for escorts online, were not available or even thought of.

Advertising options were print matter only until the internet kicked in. I had to start from scratch creating an online presence.

There were no SEO experts, in fact unless you were a real nerd in the IT industry, you probably would have had no clue about how to build a website, let alone get it on the top of Google.

Today we have the tools we need, and the people we need to make them work for us. Thank goodness for that, because nobody can do everything on their own.

Luckily for me years ago, my best friend of over 20 years was one of those nerds in the IT industry

She built code for major organisations, scripts to run huge networks, and stuff even today I have no understanding of.  Half the time I still have no idea what she is talking about when she talks about IT things lol

She helped me with my websites 15-20 years ago, and helped me through the basics back then. I have learnt a lot about online marketing, online branding, building and maintaining sites using various platforms, but I would never dare to call myself an expert, even with the years of knowledge I have.

Today, she still helps me with my SEO amongst other things.  If you are wondering who she is… She is Sarah, the creator of this blog, and YES, I would call her an SEO expert although she humbly won’t admit it.

I am just an international escort with close to 30 years of knowledge in the adult industry, including 20 years of an online presence, and combining that with a super new advertising platform for escorts and companions worldwide called I look forward to helping you achieve your goals whatever they maybe 🙂

The last thing, remember it is FREE to join

I would LOVE the opportunity to work for you and help establish your online presence. Lets share your fabulousness with the visitors to and my active established social media networks, all for FREE of course! 

Thanks for reading!

Ladies and Gents, I look forward to making your acquaintance

Rene Joile

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