Running an escort agency is sooo tiring

So apparently running an agency isn’t that difficult? Running an escort agency is hard work & so much more than meets the eye

Friday September 22, 2017

Today Bec isn’t working so I am the receptionist 10am until 1am

I turn on the agency phone and my Sarah phone and reply to WhatsApp messages from bed. Flick thru our twitter accounts

My hands are really hurting today.  I have RSI due to so many hours on computer and phone so I pop anti-inflammatories, cover my hands in deep heat & put on sexy gloves so I can work with my hands covered in stinky stuff haha

Sit at my desk, proofread Newsletter.  Calls are coming in already; why can’t people read our operating hours?  A disgusting pig of a man just swore at me for being a receptionist.  Joy lol

Lucky I didn’t send newsletter last night as it’s missing things, I should have it out by 10am

The newsletter is going out now – Hurrah

Same as yesterday –  do available today pages, check in with the girls

Do Sydney Hootsuite for today, tomorrow & Sunday

Update the member’s list – Download the current list & upload to phone

Add newsletter to the blog – I need to create graphics but dropbox is missing some folders so tidy folders and searching for missing bits as I go.  Grrrr

Check in with Asia Touring Escorts – reconfirm prebookings

Dropbox is sorted so I can do blog graphic – The newsletter is on the blog πŸ™‚

I notice one of the website galleries has a problem so I contact web company to see what the problem is – annoying. I hate the web company that controls my site πŸ™ I cannot have access to my website backend. I really need to find time to do a new website… Oh time, damn I need more of that

Finally I can get in the shower πŸ™‚

Message girl to confirm our 2pm interview – no reply

Chat to Bianca on the phone, chat to Kim – Bianca is coming over & bringing me lunch πŸ™‚

Kim has sent me some tour dates – Add those to the site & run through the promo with her that she wants to be done.  Talk some rubbish, make some jokes, research some new hotel options.

Bianca brings lunch, she bought sushi.  We had a good look & laugh at my old escorting photos – I was a bit of a hottie even if I do say so myself haha

Leave the office and walk to the train station.  I need to go to the accountant to sign some papers. Will do now as interview girl never replied πŸ™

Waiting for a train

Papers signed & I have time to get my eyebrows threaded. I am meeting up with an escort later and I look like a mess, not a good first impression lol

On the train back to the office

Updating and posting tour ads while I have a catchup with Zoe on the phone

Start to write sheet for our upcoming tours with all the information for Dani, my USA assistant – I am tired πŸ™ There is no way I am getting out tonight to meet anyone, my to-do list has grown in the past 2hrs πŸ™

The phone keeps ringing so looks like this document is going to take a long time πŸ™

Girl missed her flight – bugger bugger bugger – Tour started today, waiting to know if or when she is arriving so I can shuffle & move things

Running an agency means that if something goes wrong for one of the girls, I am the person responsible for communicating and dealing with it. Missed flights can happen to anyone.

Luckily, the tour was exclusive to members so it wasn’t an administrative disaster, but it could have been.

Sometimes, girls have just failed to show up, changed plans without notice (when confirmed bookings and been lined up and I’ve spent several hundred dollars on their individual advertising for that city alone) and left me to deal with a mess. Things happen, I understand that but when girls mess me around, its not nice but there nothing I can do. I just need to do the best I can to save the reputation of the agency.

Sometimes the agency loses clients tho because of this, not to mention the time it takes to fix or redo everything

I have food & now I have wine but the phone won’t stop so looks like I am in for the night, talking shit with Elizabeth on WhatsApp and half-arsed writing reception documentation

Yes sometimes my day is fun but mostly it’s just admin, admin & some more admin

I am done in, my hands are aching so I pop pain relief and head to the sofa for Netflix & answering calls til 1am

Running an escort agency is sooo tiring

Running an escort agency more than meets the eye Part 2 1


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