What does an Escort Ad Site do?

What does an Escort Ad site do?

As I have been writing quite a bit on Escort Ad sites I have been receiving emails and messages with questions like “Where is best to Advertise?” or “Which site has the best clients?” As I do a lot of International Tours I am also asked “Which is the busiest city to tour?” or “Is Singapore Busy?” or “What dates should I go to Dubai? I want to be really busy and make tonnes of money”

As I have said in blogs & many times over the years; If you can’t afford a holiday, you can’t afford an International Tour. The streets are not paved with gold anywhere in the world. Touring can be great but it also comes with risks (I have written a post of International Escort Advice)

The Escort Ad site that works for 1 person may not work for another.  Some escorts do very well with a site whereas it may not bring any enquires for another escort even if they spend a fortune on premium ad placement

Particularly with International Tours, different rates, services or a wide range of other factors may account for a busy or a quiet tour.  Working in your home country and city you build up regulars; touring for the first time as an independent may not be successful

Ladies with low rates who are happy to take plenty of risks and don’t care about being arrested will be busier than ladies who screen or take deposits

There is no best Escort ad site. Just like there is no best or busiest city to Tour. Every escort is different and what works for 1 escort may not work for another

Independent escorts all manage their bookings their own way, manage their brand differently and everyone has their different comfort levels too

I am old & old school so my comfort level is like that of a granny lol; I am a bit of a scaredy-cat ha

I see many ladies touring these days who take WhatsApp, SMS & twitter bookings. I could never do that as I would be too scared. I would never consider booking a meeting without a phone to a phone call, having a chat & hearing a clients voice.

Whatsapp numbers can be bought by anyone worldwide for $1 so you never know who you are speaking to & that freaks me out

I would book at least double the number of bookings I do if I did SMS, Twitter & Whatsapp meetings but I don’t feel safe doing so. I have heard too many awful stories and I don’t want to put anyone in bad situations.

In my experience, I have always found Creepy voice generally = creepy client & no manners during a call = no manners in person.

Written messages can be sent by anyone + written messages are proof of illegal activity. Working without a working visa is illegal in every country in the world, even if SW is decriminalised or legal, without a work visa you are breaking immigration laws by working without a visa that allows you to work

As an escort I put myself in many risky situations, I think back now & cringe at my silliness but back then there as fewer clients & fewer escorts who would make fake bookings or dob me into the airport

After nearly 20 years of placing escort ads & arranging tours, I can tell you definitively:

  • There is no how-to guide that works for everyone!
  • Just as every escort is different; every client is too!

Some clients will only book with an agency, others don’t care as long as the lady they book is the one in the photos, some only book escorts who show their face, some like independent, some will happily book with a PA, others will only book if they can speak directly to the lady on the phone via a call, others will only book by SMS, others won’t send an SMS…..

Each client searches differently for escorts too.  Some will use search engines (google, bing or yahoo) some like social media, some will search for directories, others only want to meet escorts with their own independent escort site, some clients only search for agencies

Which makes it hard to decide where to spend your advertising dollars especially if you are touring. Touring ad bills can add up significantly.  Currently, 1 ad site for Hong Kong where you bid for top placements; the ads are costing in excess of $800usd!

So, what does an Escort Ad site do?

What is their role?
What can you expect from an ad site & how to do you choose where to advertise?

An Escort ad site shows your profile, that’s is their only job. An escort advertising site does not provide you with work, it simply shows your profile to prospective clients who happen to use that particular advertising website

Obviously the more people that use & like a particular website, the more you will be showcased but an ad site cannot give you work as they do not have clients

An escort agency has clients, clients we know & who trust our judgement. An Escort Agency is not an advertising site, an escort agency uses their own agency brand and also pays for escort advertising sites just the same way independent escorts do

Just like real world advertising, escort advertising sites promote your escort brand

A TV ad showing Heinz baked beans is advertising a brand that hopefully people will recognise and remember when they are in the supermarket

An ad sites only role is to show you ad, that’s it, if you are expecting more from them, you will be disappointed. Heinz may spend millions on TVs but it’s not the TV’s fault if the ad doesn’t bring them any new clients

If an Escort ad site is no.1 on google doesn’t that mean it’s best?

No, actually it doesn’t. It means that Google thinks that particular site fits your user intent

What puts a site at the top of google?

When you type your search query google provides you with the top results that fit your search criteria (not my google search, just yours)

Google also takes into account your location so when I type ‘Sydney Escorts’ into Google Chrome in Perth, the search results may be different to ‘Sydney escorts’ if I use google in Sydney and because I am signed into google with my Gmail account it also uses my google history to personalise google results

According to Google, personalised search gives them the ability to customise search results based on a user’s previous 180 days of search history, which is linked to an anonymous cookie in your browser. … It is possible to turn off Google’s personalised search, but Google doesn’t make it easy to do so.

Also, Google shows different results on your mobile than it does on Desktop computers

Damn confusing right?

If a website is number 1 on Google doesn’t it get the most web traffic?

Not necessarily. Statistical data varies but approximately 55% of traffic go to the top 3 sites and we all know most people don’t go past page 1 (I rarely do but I like quite specific searches)

For me, “Sydney Escorts” is the best one so why do I care about the others?

Did you know that Sydney Escort, Sydney Escorts, Escort Sydney and Escorts in Sydney may all show different results? Sydneyescort and sydneyescorts will also show different google positions for ad sites

Words spelt incorrectly like the word Excorts or Escourts also rank on google.  So an Escort Ad Site may get a great lot of traffic from ‘Sydneyescort’ or ‘Excorts in Sydney’ but nothing for ‘Bondi Beach Escort’ or ‘Escort Bondi Beach’

An Escort Ad Sites Google position isn’t everything

A website can show as position 1 on Google but it doesn’t mean that it will be the chosen site for guys looking for an escort directory or ad.

Sure some google users do go to number 1 but plenty look at the snippets of the top few & choose what they like best.

If a client has had a bad experience with Skokka he isn’t going to click that site again, he will pick something else

Brand Loyalty 

I am pretty loyal to Chanel for handbags, Manolo Blahnik for shoes, Tom Ford for lipstick so when I search I don’t put in Handbag & expect Chanel to come up first or shoes & I get manolo’s

Brand Loyalty is often overlooked as it’s assumed clients search the way they do yourself. Everyone searches differently

The most organic traffic I get for Agency Atlantic is from ‘Agency Atlantic’ ‘agencyatlantic’ ‘agency atlantic escort agency’ even tho we rank well on page 1 & sometimes position 1 for other keywords.  Atlantic has been around 20 years so clients search for clients search for the Agency Atlantic Brand name

I was to Position 4 on google sydney for the ‘Sydney Escort Agency’ but I didn’t get a lot of traffic from that key phrase

Sites such as Eros in the USA may not be page 1 for a particular keyword but they could have incredible traffic from the phrase Eros Ads or Eros sex. Due to brand awareness their name could bring in 100s of 1000s of hits even if they don’t place on Page 1

SEO is much more complex than many people think.  For my next blog, I will see if I can explain the basics of SEO. Lets see if I can do it without putting you to sleep haha

Until next time

What does an Escort Ad site do? 1

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